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Old 07-30-2004, 07:27 AM
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Wispy strands of gossamer

Wispy strands of gossamer, drifting thru the air
whispers of hidden days, days when we were there.

Seated on a mountain high, sun down or sun rise
wispy strands of your hair, gently covers my eyes.

Thinking of the wonders, as the pass my mind
sifting thru my memories, to see what I find.

I see more than ever, when my eyes are closed
out of all my favorites, you're the one I chose.

Sorting through a liftetime, the memories I have in store
and as I find you in there, I close my eyes for more.

I love the life that I've lived, it all is in my past
of all the memories that I found, the ones of you did last.

I take them out from time to time, to see what I remember
like making love in our bed, our baby in September.

You are my memories, the price I paid was steep
but memories of you, I choose to always keep.

We had another boy, decided to call him Aaron
spent our time together, a home filled with carin'.

Now we're not together, our lives are lived apart
from the first moment, I loved you with all my heart.

I was your little whosit, you were my turtle dove
we were each others dreams, sent from up above.

Now life ain't so grand, and when I feel the pressure
I just go into my mind, and look at all my treasure.

I'm ok, because I choose to be, it's out of my control
you would be so hurt, if you truely knew the toll.

ahh, but the memories, they seem to be all good
I maybe shouldn't close my eyes, or maybe I should.

A wispy strand of your hair, just moved accross my face
you're still here in my mind, way more than a trace.

I will not ever, forget one thing of you
loving you baby, it's all I know to do.

The wind is picking up, we better end this day
I wouldn't want one thought of you, to be blown away.

written by: steve cliche ..... about Darla

visit steve's web site at www.clichefantasyart.com
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Old 08-01-2004, 04:55 AM
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Re: Wispy strands of gossamer

Welcome back Steve, now how about an after action report on the roast you were gonna boast about
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Old 08-03-2004, 05:20 PM
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Disappointed West To California

We figured it out, we know what's best
if you're going to California, you need to go West.

If you choose not to, and you go East
you'll miss California, at the very least.

We looked at a map, found our position
headed West, we've made our decision.

Some go North, but this isn't most
if you do, you won't see the coast.

At first I admit, we tried to go South
I don't know who, finally opened his mouth.

"Hey, you know what" one of us said
"It would be quicker, if West we head"

The other one said " I think you're right"
so we headed west, all thru that night.

A great decision, I'd like to boast
when the sun came up, we were nearer the coast.

If you ever need directions, if you have the notion
we can now tell you, how to get to the ocean.

Don't go North, or South, it will make you cuss
Hey, I know, you can just follow us.

written by: steve cliche ... 7/29/04

visist Steve's website at www.clichefantasyart.com
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Old 08-03-2004, 06:04 PM
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Bounce Poker Bar

I like people, and you're some of the best
the cocktail trail, and all the rest.

Mother cooks, makes a fine dish
but I still, can't catch the fish.

The moma deer, and her baby fawn
everyone here says, "yah mon".

Very tall trees, and some eagles nest
I like people and you're some of the best.

There's Darrel, and Dan, and Averil and Sergio
the boats go by; row, row, row.

They get up early, but not before me
when you get up, this you'll see.

Lots of wildlife, dont you know
there is even, an old buffalo.

I just need, to get it off my chest
I like people, and you're some of the best.

Then there's Dave, kinda phony
a very sweet lady, who rides a pony.

Of course there's Terry, pony girl's man
he hangs on the back, as best he can.

Then ther's Bill, he's the mayor
they all seem, quite ready to share.

They all live near Weaverville
I like people, I even like Bill.

Early in the morning, the night did pass
you can hear buff, already kissin ass...umeing you're awake!

You can hear the river, as you rest
I like people, andy you're some of the best.

Once they're up, then they go fish
I'm still waitin, for one on a dish.

Mom got up, she's already bitchin
how did she escape, the ding dang kitchen?

The water's too cold, to really go swimmin
but we all go riding, with other people's women.

Terry and Jane, and there's John and Mo
people up here like to say, "Go John, go"

I'm just visiting, Im only a guest
I like people, and these are some of the best.

They feed us good, then call us a hog
when we were starvin, Sergio offered a hot dog.

One hot dog, I can't believe that
and I never did, get a hat.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry", Carla says to Jim
as she calmly, takes his chips from him.

Mr. Carbone, wanted to play for real
but momma taught me, not to steal.

As it is, I give us a hand
we now own, part of his land.

Through it all, the river keeps flowing
Ilike people, that's what I'm knowing.

There's a real nice guy, with a very cool head
oh wait, that's me, and my pants were red.

A lot of this poem, was said in jest
I like people, and you guys, are the best.

As a poet, I will not go far
but I just love, old poker bar.

PS. John, I would have taken every dime you put on the table...

written by: steve cliche ... 7/31/04 ... at the river

check out the large collection of steve's art work at www.clichefantasyart.com
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Old 08-03-2004, 06:35 PM
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Banghead Get Well

Get Well

There once was a girl with toes
and one that constantly grows.

One time she had to pose
that's when she hurt her nose.

Ah, a question has arose
what's it to do with her nose.

It is really just words I chose
all this talkin' of the toes.

The main problem is the nose
she had it fixed, don't you knows.

Then this is something that she chose
all that hurting in her nose.

Life's been bad, full of woes
ever since she fixed the nose.

I would buy her a rose
she can't smell with that nose.

Does it seem that it grows
but it's something in her nose.

In this rhyme I compose
all about the girl with toes.

In all our previous shows
we have always shown the nose.

I have already told the bros
they don't want to see the nose.

I know one of the black crows
he won't talk about the nose.

I can barely stand the toes
don't even think about the nose.

People stand all in rows
just for a peek at that nose.

Even Santa says "ho hoes"
he ain't goin' near the nose.

Enough about work on the nose
that's the way that it goes.

Whatever happened to the nose
it was because of all them toes.

written by: steve cliche ...7/30/04

see some of the amazing art work drawn by
steve at his website www.clichefantasyart.com
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Old 08-03-2004, 07:01 PM
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Cross Glow Sm Clr The Battle

I couldn't get there, so God reached down to me
He opened my eyes, and God let me see

I was blind, and my ears didn't hear
He lifted me up, drew me near.

I let go my life, all I held dear
I could then see, then I could hear.

God wants me willing, wants me to try
He wants me to be, His till I die.

I am a part, of a well thourht plan
for every woman, for every man.

I feel so privilaged, to even have a part
in this plan, to change a heart.

At certain times, I hear Him so clear
it's like we're together, so I have no fear.

Even in the valley, with the shadow on me
God lights my way, makes me to see.

When I'm weak, life full of loss
I lift up my head, I look to the cross.

It's there to behold, to give us relief
God is awesome, that's my beliefe.

I'm going to listen, to His every word
for me not to, would seem absurd.

When in battle, you need to be led
Jesus my savior, His hand on my head.

Go out my son, and fight for me
give the gosple, help them to see.

Sooner than you think, this battle will cease
some will perish, some have peace.

So when you're where, you don't belong
remember the war, you have to be strong.

Don't remove your armor, or lay down your blade
He's in control, of all that He's made.

Do I understand, every bit of this mess?
I say no, but my God dosen't guess.

He knows what He's doing, He's thought it all out
I don't need to know, I need to go out.

I need to say, what He told me to tell
believe in Jesus, so you don't go to hell.

And if there are things, you don't understand
just trust your leader, and do what He planned.

We were given the Word, it tells us so much
trust our Lord, relax in His touch.

I am a warrior, I grew up to be
this was God's plan, when He made me.

He knew all the pain, that I'd go thru
He knew it would make me, care more about you.

I'm going to be, with my God above
I'm fighting this fight, because of His love.

He wants us all, to come be with Him
without His son, your chances are slim.

So I'm saying to you, my fellow man
grab your sword, do whatever you can.

The cost is high, but your leader knows best
fight the fight, then we can rest.

Lets tell every person, lets tell them all
if you know Jesus, you've heard the call.

Wake up my brothers, my sisters too
we're in a battle, there's plenty to do.

written by steve cliche ... 8/01/04

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Old 08-04-2004, 07:57 AM
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Re: West To California

Well I am glad that you found it, kinda figured you would. I am even gladder you found your way back home.

Welcome home Steve, I missed you
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Old 08-09-2004, 03:43 PM
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Cart127 Bliss

Good morning world, I'm awake I think
wish you were here, said with a wink.

Wish I had someone, to boss me around
I'm sittin' here in peace, not one sound.

I can't be happy, I've got to be sad
actually it's not, really too bad.

I woke up, but not by a clock
don't have to hear, We need to talk

We need to talk, oh I see
that usually means, it's about me.

Something I've done, or didn't do
heaven forbid, we talk about you.

Not that you, have any faults
if I mention you, communication halts.

It's about me, a mistake I've made
you woke me up, like a police raid.

Get out of bed, it's almost eight
yard work to do, and you are late.

When you're done, dont relax
as for work, I've got stacks.

I'll just look, and wink with a smile
hating your guts, the whole while.

Love wakin up, bein' told to get goin'
clean the garage, and leaves need blowin'.

Clean the gutters, wash the car
where were you last night, at the bar?

Who was there, did they talk to you?
go get dressed, there's plenty to do.

Wish you'd sell that bike, stop wearin' leather
then we could, spend more time together.

And while you're at it, cut that hair
Just cut it, I know you don't care.

Don't just stand there, get it in gear
there's so many things, to do around here.

This bein' in love, oh what bliss
I'm so sorry, 'bout that spot I missed.

Maybe next time, I'll get it right
was gonna watch boxing, but I'll get it tonight.

When I'm done, I'm goin to bed
yes dear, I cleaned the shed.

All my chores, have been done
I love you, you're the one.

Remember the day, we said our I Do's?
and later that night, you got the blues.

That went on, for about a week
until the vows, you seemed so meek.

A sweet young thing, my dream come true
and now all I get, is this life with you.

It's not all bad, this marriage of mine
but when you're away, it all seems fine.

I see your car, pull away from our home
don't hurry back, go ahead and roam.

Take the long way back, see the sights
you'll be back, to ruin my nights.

Every day, as long as I live
you'll take, all I can give.

Take it all, drain me dry
I won't even, ask you why.

My life's been set, it's all a plan
I remember, being a man.

Now I'm yours, to be there for you
as you think, what else can I do?

I love being married, this is great
I sure hope, you're not home late.

I hope everything is fine, and you are ok
I better get started, on my day.

I'm happily married, you know what I mean
got to go, windows to clean.

Man this is great, this marital bliss
why just last week, I got a kiss.

A kiss from my lover, right on my lips
If I got her a suitcase, would she take trips?

I'm just kidding, I love my life
I just can't stand, my loving wife.

written by: steve cliche ..... 8/5/04

If you like his poetry you are gonna love his art.
Check it out at www.clichefantasyart.com
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Old 08-09-2004, 06:17 PM
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Re: Bliss

Steve, sounds like my ex wife. Wonder if they know each other
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Old 08-10-2004, 07:53 AM
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Fyi Saumrai


He ain't tough, like you or I
he ain't even, a samurai.

Oh, he's got a bow, and a knife
but he ain't a samuriai, to save his life.

All his adventures, were a lie,
he is not, a samurai.

Lives by the code, or he should
to be samurai, you need to be good.

He's got a sword, that's no lie
but that don't mean, he's a samurai.

His name is Dylan, for a start
and for a while, he was Braveheart.

Then he was Legolas, fighting the hurukai
but that don't mean, he's a samurai.

Always braggin' bout who he be
just looks like Dylan, to you or me.

Why do some people, have to lie
and tell everyone, they're a samurai?

Chop, chop chop, with a sword
you're not a samurai, you're just bored.

Stab a couch, maybe a chair
keep it sharp, it will cut hair.

I'm sure by now, you surely see
your not a samurai, say ... like me.

And if you wonder, exactly why
you are not a samurai.

Look in the mirror, and you will see
you are not, and never will be.

But imagination's great, it seems so true
you can be who you want, that's what I do.

As for Braveheart, and Legolas, you are neither
but then again, I ain't no samurai either.

written by: steve (uncle steve) cliche .... 8/9/04

The artwork steve does will show you what fantasy can truely be.
Check it out at
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Old 08-10-2004, 10:34 AM
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13 Da Hood

Early in the day, time to rap
got to hurry, I'll need a nap.

Born so poor, in the hood
and I'm black, guess that's good.

Yea I'm a rapper, I'm really down
born in the hood, but been around.

Lived in a box, for quite some time
no TV, learned to rhyme.

Robbed a store, I was just three
"gimme the money, and some candy"

Was in a gang when I was four
very young, to know the score.

There's always a target, someone to rob
I just waited, till after Sponge Bob.

After I pulled, my first score
I went and robbed, the TV store.

I'm a rapper, a gang bangin' dude
moma don't care,
if I'm not rude.

Had me a lady, when I was five
on TV, she wasn't live.

Did a drive by, at age six
I was on a bike, I threw some sticks.

Oh I was bad, leader of my gang
in by dark, that's all I could hang.

Moma would yell, "get home right now"
time for dinner, time for chow.

Me and my boys, quite the crew
no tellin' what we would do.

Sold bad stuff, on the block
wrote on the sidewalks,
only in chalk.

Did my first hit, I was still six
not a killin', just threw some sticks.

But as I grew up, I think I was seven
I started thinkin', 'bout goin' to heaven.

After all I'd done, livin' the life
I needed God, and a good wife.

Easy to get in, hard to get out
gang bangin', that's what it's about.

A few can do's, a whole lot of cant's
Scooby Doo, on my underpants.

Oh I was tough, I lived in the hood
but Moma said, son be good.

So I put down my sticks, every one
never got old enough to own a gun.

The cops all knew me, a wanted kid
but I quit bangin', that's what I did.

Still wear my colors, I'm there in my heart
got to go, Sponge Bob's gonna start.

If you're ever tempted, to join a gang
you need to learn, all the slang.

It come natural, growin' up in the hood
I coulda been bad, but Moma said be good.

So now I'm home, just watchin' TV
eatin' cookies, bad ol' me.

When I turn eight, if the gang's still there
I'll give those meanies, a real bad scare.

They'll think twice, before messin' with me
when I'm eight, then you'll see.

Yep it's true, I grew up in the hood
Mom's gettin' me a toy, only if I'm good.

If you see the gang, don't mention my name
after Sponge Bob, I'm gonna play a game.

But when I'm nine, get back Jack
I got sticks, a big ol' stack

written by: ... a gang banger ... steve cliche 8/10/04
from the hood

Steve's artwork can be seen on his website

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Old 08-10-2004, 10:58 AM
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Bounce "PIN HEAD"

Knew a lady, lived in a shed
everyone called her, Old Pinhead.

Never liked it, told me so
I just said, "yea I know."

She looked at me, then said WHY?
I said "Pin head, please don't cry."

"Don't call me that" that's what she said
"OK" I said, "see ya later Pin head."

She said "HEY", what did i say
I called her pin head, anyway.

Only friends, tease this way
if you're friends, it's what you say.

I tease Buff, he teases me
cause we're friends, can't you see.

If every word, was soft and sweet
well, well that wouldn't be neat.

It's more fun, to play with a friend
nothing hurt, nothing to mend.

Back to the lady, in the shed
the one I call pin head.

Shes real cool, and real darn pretty too
when I kiss her, there's one thing I don't do.

You guessed it, don't call her that in bed
but even then, it comes to my head.

I try real hard, but it won't go away
this is what, I just want to say.

Yes I think about it, even in bed
I want to say, "I love you pin head."

written by: steve cliche 8/10/04
for a friend

Check out www.clichefantasyart.com for some awesome drawings
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Old 08-11-2004, 02:52 PM
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08 Important News

It's very dark, when there is no light
when it's black, it's not white.

My bird flew away, then it came back
I call him bob, but I think his name's Jack.

People wear wooden shoes, don't know why
clip cloppin around, eatin' blueberry pie.

And the pony's are all, still turnin' blue
even the little one, it never grew.

Turn on a light, it only gets brighter
sun comes up, and it all gets lighter.

Lot of this stuff is gettin' on my nerves
and they should get, what they deserves.

Like all the flowers, poppin' up every year
and everything ahead, starts to come near.

Unless you're walking backwards, as some do
then things, are going away from you.

Wet as can be, on every rainy day
and then all dry, when the clouds go away.

I'm up to here, with all these things
like a bell, and the way it rings.

I'm thinking of keeping, this all to myself
put in the back, on a real high shelf.

Cause I'm fed up, ready to blow
don't believe me? ok, here I go.

Well I can't, still runnin' my mouth
like on a map, down's always south.

Take a piece of bread, lay it on a table
wait a month, clean it up if you're able.

I brush my teeth, and smile real big
but I never got, a toothpaste gig.

Movie stars, in big cool cars
books about men, who are from mars.

This stuff, is getting me kinda down
instead of my smile, I see a frown.

We can't be having, days such as these
everyone nice, wantin' to please.

Peek around corners, make sure it's still clear
why when we're afraid, do we feel fear?

But sure enough, same old thing
every year, here comes spring.

Wash the car, it just gets clean
these are the things, that I mean.

But I'm not complaining, oh not me
I just wish, more things were free.

I go in a store, see things to buy
they want money, I wonder why.

Lost my subject, I'm off track
oh ok, I've got it back.

Yea it was about, the light and dark
there not enough lights, in the park.

Could be a mugger, there could be one
get me upset, make me pull my gun.

I'd say to him, "look what you've done"
"and while your lookin', look at my gun."

"Now you run along, you big scarry mugger
run back to moma, now you go hug her."

I guess I'm done, with this rant
I can always tell, when I begin to pant.

That's not to say, I couldn't write more
I'd love a house, with a round door.

Windows too, round as the moon
sure is bright, right around noon.

Welcome to my madness, it's how I think
just a second, getting a drink.

Man that was good, just what I needed
I ate dinner, that's when I feeded.

See what I mean, they say feeded ain't a word
oh by the way, my maddness ain't cured.

Turnin' on the lights, been writing in the dark
like carving a message, on a big chunk of bark.

Wow this is better, now I can see
way out in front, and all around me.

There's that bread, I left laying out
wasn't green before, what's that about?

I can see my car shine, from way over here
or I could look at it, in a mirror.

I'm glad my house, is built on the ground
otherwise, it would be floating around.

How long is this poem, I'm starting to think?
I'm almost done, I say with a wink.

Actually I'm not, nor ever will be
there still a ton of BS, left in me.

Like when I look, up way in the sky
and see birds flyin', one with one eye.

Might have had two, I couldn't see
only one side, was facing me.

But when I looked, and he went by
I think I only, saw one eye.

Ok, Ok, there could have been two
one for me, and one for you.

Yellow's nice, as colors go
blue's ok, when you mow.

Fresh cut blue, the smell's in the air
there's a elephant, standing over there.

He's just eating, looking my way
wearing my shades, oh not today.

I'm gonna need em, in a few hours
weatherman says, we're gonna get showers.

My TV's on, I'm not even looking
and other stuff, that rhymes with looking.

Now I should stop, using the same words
as buffalo go by, in great huge herds.

A purple lady, all in white
dressed special, for this night.

Blue velvet, was a cool jam
it's even older, than I am.

Heard a girl sing, not very loud
she was sitting, on a cloud.

She sang a song, she wrote for me
words in the air, you could see.

It's all getting fuzzy, becomming a blurr
even my typing's sstaarttin n to sssluur.

I think I'm done, have I covered it all?
did I mention, I've had a ball?

I think on this poem, I've really scored
if you've read this much, you're very bored.

But just in case, you want some more
and my words, you can't ignore.

I will write, a few more lines
as for numbers, I like nines.

Now that was a moment, to always remember
at least until, maybe next November.

I'm hearing bells, and a whistle too
it's on TV, I already knew.

But there for a moment, you thought I was crazy
well I'm not, but I am kinda lazy.

I love the color, of stuff that's green
like a lot of leaves, that I've seen.

A grasshopper, on a low branch
wouldn't taste bad, with a little ranch.

Or toasted real good, and sprinkled on a salad
just a line, in the grasshopper ballad.

Well now I've done it, I've went too long
somebody, should have rung the gong.

Times up Steve, this will be it
you really mean, I have to quit.

written by: steve cliche ... 8/10/04

ha ha ha, you thought I was done
when in reality, I've only begun.

You were ready, to be on your way
then I had, more to say.

I'm talking about bings, and pops and bangs
all the loud noises, like blam and blang.

I can't tell, if I'm done or not
I just know, its as far as I've got.

I'm up a tree, talkin' to a squirel
you ever think, what a wierd world?

Eggs ain't round, I wonder why
just a bit off, then they can fly.

Butterflys spread, wings that are new
is it all just for me, and you?

I see things in clouds, I think we all do
but their gone, before I can tell you.

Going to look for a job, I just can't stop
you quit laughin', thinkin' of being a cop.

It's not funny, I could really do it
put on the cuffs, then I'd glue it.

Up against the wall, you're all bad I know
as I check their ID's, find out they're my bro's.

Had them turn around, I'm telling you
I'm sorry guys, about the glue.

OK maybe not a cop, you're right about that
I can't be an animal, like a dog or a rat.

Hey, I'll be a cowboy, with a big ol' hat
get a cool bucke, and stuff like that.

Blue lightning bolts, streaked across my vision
and this has brought me, to a decision.

If I don't stop, writing these words
and standin' around, lookin' at birds.

Well if I quit, then I'll be done
and I ain't, this is fun.

I can do this, in say my sleep
climb a mountain too, if it ain't too steep.

I'll run in a marathon, 10, 20 miles
but don't wait up, I'll be a whiles.

I'll run forever, run really really far
or i just might, grab my car.

What I'm sayin', is hey what's up?
I drink mostly from a cup.

I have been known, to use a glass
long story, I'll let it pass.

Ok I'm done ... but... I'll be back... I have a few things to say...ha...
peace, joy, love, smiles, Jesus..... God bless you all.
written by: steve cliche ... 8/10/04

I'm really done this time, but, I knew you would look!

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Old 08-11-2004, 03:55 PM
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Confused Dale Said "2"

(typed under protest)

Dale Said "2"

I can't help it, I'm at it again
it's hard to stop, once I begin.

Not that I, have a lot to say
I just need help, so you pray.

If you're faithful, and you pray
I think God, will make me ok.

But till then, I'm going to speak
even if, I have to sneak.

I live my life, inside a bubble
only my mouth, gets me in trouble.

That is why, I have to be careful
and why, you have to be prayerful.

I think together, we got it whipped
then these lips, will be zipped.

But till then, it's bla bla bla
I just hope you're thinkin', ha ha ha.

If you're not, and you're sick of me
just remember, my poems are free.

Not that anyone, would ever pay
just to hear, what I have to say.

I'm just using, my freedom of speech
not really trying, to train or to teach.

Did that trip, with my two boys
my two sons, my life's joy's.

I'm just writing, to keep Dale busy
she posts my poems, it makes her dizzy.

I wrote one, it was really long
full of wisdom, I was strong.

In that poem, I bared my soul
but still I never, reached my goal.

My goal is set, and this is it
write a poem so long, that Dale will quit.

Salt in the wond, I'm just rubbin
she's going in, for a good nose scrubbin'.

Dale says, she don't like none of you
but I said to her, that I do.

She said why, they are so not right?
I said Dale, let's not fight.

If you don't like them, it's up to you
there is nothing, I can do.

Did she listen, and change her tune?
not one bit, won't be soon.

She just laughs, at all of you
and I think, she laughs at me too.

But what the heck, it's OK
after all, it's her right to say.

I just thought, it was kinda mean
she just winked, ate another jelly bean.

Very picky, only eats the red
all the rest, are under her bed.

So here I sit, trying for peace
and my fingers, will not cease.

I keep typing, all these things
if they sell, I'll hear cha chings.

But they won't, it's too much to hope
Dale said, you're a dope.

Why does she say, these hateful sayings
I don't know, just keep praying.

She won't stop, I put in a request
She don't like us, thinks she's the best.

I shared my heart, to her one night
she did her nails, said "yeah right."

Well that hurt, like the dickens
then she said, "you're all chickens."

I just don't get it, but she ain't gonna stop
I think maybe, Dale's a cop.

I'm not sure yet, not tellin' a tale
but she did say, you belong in jail.

I better stop, she might find out
that I told you all, what she's about.

If she finds out, it will be hard on me
she posts my poems, don't you see.

i better go...... written by: steve cliche....8/11/04

Steve also draws. You can see his work at www.clichefantasyart.com

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Old 08-11-2004, 07:21 PM
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Biggrin The Gown

The Gown

I don't drink, I don't do drugs
I don't think, I eat too many bugs.

Try to stay sober, thinking clear
try not to look, at me in a mirror.

I can't sing, not out loud
maybe alone, but not in a crowd.

I'm not a jogger, but I do run
mostly my mouth, till I'm done.

Don't cut my hair, let it grow
scissors make it short, you know.

I never sing, I never do drugs
have nice friends, need no thugs.

A simple life, just no singing
just a smile, that's what I'm bringing.

It's really cool, the way I live
plenty to eat, more to give.

I'm not leaving, till I'm all done
eating I mean, I want one.

Yep I'm right, not to drink
I just need, to really think.

I ride my bike, every day
unless I get there, another way.

This is all, you need to know
when I leave, is when I go.

That was smart, that last line
think I'll keep it, call it mine.

I'm just saying, what I think
No drugs, and I don't drink.

Tell the truth, not a liar
I didn't start, that little fire.

I won't tell, not on him
I'm not saying, it was Jim.

My little brother, oh not him
start a fire, no not Jim.

This here poem, written by me
read if you want, it ain't free.

Cost a coin, every time
I'm thinking, more than a dime.

If you read this, if you read any
you owe me, more than a penny.

So pay up, give me my due
or just give it, to you know who.

Oh yea, even though it's late
hey AJ, the roast was great.

OK OK, I guess this is done
time to start, another one.

So I'll stop, I'm winding down
no I'm not, wearing a gown.

That was rude, to even think
I already said, I don't drink.

If that's the way, you're going to be
then I'm leaving, say bye to me.

written by: steve cliche ..... 8/11/04

If you like these poems check out steve's drawings
at www.clichefantasyart.com
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Old 08-12-2004, 12:46 AM
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Re: The Gown

glad the roast was great
so how was the ride
did you mange to stay dry
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Old 08-13-2004, 08:09 PM
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Bounce Yellow


This entire poem, will be about blue
not about me, and not about you.

A beautiful color, it will surely do
all different shades, all of them blue.

Blue is the one, the only one who
you know what I mean, I know you do.

I'm going to do it, I really need to
this whole poem, will be about blue.

Like up in the sky, it's awfully blue
My love of the color, has really grew.

Ok I know, what I will do
I'll think of ships, and navy blue.

I'll think of numbers, like ones and twos
all kinds of them, in all shades of blue.

Writing a poem, all about blue
I just found out, is hard to do.

But I'll persist, I usually do
there's plenty more, things of blue.

Like balloons, some are blue
and ummm, other stuff too.

I really like colors, man I love blue
at least that part, was easy to do.

Let me see, what else is blue?
without any air, we would be too!

I can't do it, walk in my shoe
you see, if it's easy to do.

Well what's so hard, it's just blue?
Now that I think, there's none in stew.

Is this long enough? is it for you?
to be considered, a poem about blue?

Anyway it's done, this is true

all this talk, of good old yellow .........lol.

written by: steve cliche.....8/11/04

Steve uses yellow and blue in his artwork. Take a peek at it and see all the other colors he uses as well, at www.clichefantasyart.com
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Old 08-13-2004, 09:47 PM
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Dance Dark To Light

When I'm in the dark, I'm really quite alright
I have always been, intimate with the night.

Even when the sun is up, and everything is fine
there's always been a shadow, drifting over mine.

I don't mean sadness, or evil in any way
it's just a bit darker, that's all I'm trying to say.

I see everything, that others seem to see
I just see them in the dark, the way it is for me.

I stay up late at night, but that's not what I mean
what brought on the shadows, is all that I have seen.

Maybe no more, than it is for any other
it's just kinda dark, that's all I'm saying brother.

Is it from the war, left over darkness
it was very dark, did it really mark us?

Were we all changed in ways we cannot see
is this why, it all seems dark to me?

Am I all alone, or are there many others
is it kinda dark, for all of my brothers?

We were just involved, things that we have seen
when the shadows came, I was still a teen.

I am not complaining, we have our lots in life
when it's dark outside, I feel a lot less strife.

Is it because, the rest of you are asleep
do I then feel safer, or is that too much of a leap?

I don't really know, this is all a guess
but it sure seems to me, my bright days are less.

I remember Vietnam, the war that I was in
the one where we died, but did not ever win.

We don't mention Nam, when we're not alone
it's always so dark, when digging up that bone.

I'm not any worse, much better I think instead
at least it's just dark, there was 58,000 dead.

Maybe the lightless days, are just the way I feel
maybe it's ok, it's just the way I deal.

Yea that's it, I've finally figured it all out
now I know, what the darkness is all about.

God tells me it's ok, when I bring those memories back
He was there knocking, shining through a crack.

I got up from my darkness, I opened up the door
God's light came in, it wasn't as dark as before.

I'm glad I chose this subject, this talk of little light
it reminded me of God, His glory is so bright.

In His glorious shinning, is light for all to share
and in the midst of the light, Jesus sits right there.

Funny how writing this poem, I've lifted my own spirit
Jesus Christ is our light, I want the world to hear it.

Well every person, whoever you may be
open up the door, and God's light you will see.

(Now that it's light, I'd like to add that, here goes, ummm.......well.... oh nevermind)
written by: steve cliche ... the Christian, artist, dad, grandpa, pres, biker and now ........ I say with a huge wink...... and a .... poet........dude......................... 8/13/04

Steve draws some of the most interesting fantasy art and it is never dark.
If you would like to see it, visit his web page at www.clichefantasyart.com .
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Old 08-14-2004, 07:28 AM
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Confused Spilled Milk

Who are we to say, the same to you
as we did before, butterfiles are blue.

I'm not doing it, are they all done
it's rose colored, I can get you one.

As for the beginning, sweating all day
you had to of been there, and he said hey.

I'm not saying, movies aren't real
I like that car, enjoyed the meal.

I'm up to here , cookies are great
scented in rose, oh wow it's late.

You can't get there, water the plants
I'm ok now, I saw all the ants.

Good way to begin, balloons always pop
those aren't mine, they say they can hop.

Seven in a batch, flip on that light
yea she's nice, those clouds are white.

Anyway you look at it, soon I think
it's about done, I need a drink.

This is level, so she said hey
red's a cool color, I cooked all day.

Saw her do it, can I have the blue
jewels and gold, so how are you.

Turned a new leaf, it's around seven
I hate spiders, she said eleven.

Pokin a troll, never had Chinese
new shirt right, I'm gonna sneeze.

Over hill and over dale, 3 reasons why
just hang it over there, it's a good buy.

I'm not even sure, need to dust
world economics, it's just rust.

Planted pine trees, it just wasn't real
had a peach pie, it's all stainless steel.

These are all yours, left on a whim
I'd like that with fries, just a trim.

Harley's break down, I'm never there
theres milk in the fridge, not without air.

This don't make sense, I'm not going
there's many to see, it's made for rowing.

When it's windy, great song leader
breads done, who's gonna lead her.

We just put it out, never been there
shot right at me, I've got a spare.

Two feet thick, seems to be the plug
I love your hair, spilled milk on the rug.

"I quit"

didn't know how to end it....

written by: steve cliche .... 8/13/04

To see some of Steve's fantasy art click on www.clichefantasyart.com
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Blue Steve, Steve, Steve...

I grasp at the wind, howling along with my prey
it seems to struggle, why does it try to get away?

I just desire to hold it, to direct it's wayward blowing
and yet it fights me, behaving as if it's all knowing.

I want the control; it's blown freely all my days
I'll make the decisions, I'll make it to blow always.

I want it windy, want a storm every day
I'll pull in it's reins, now it will do as I say.

I've tried this before, but to absolutely no avail
I never really held it, but I might have grabbed it's tail.

I'm wanting it stormy, with the wind just blowing wild
want the trees to groan, I want the forrest riled.

Leaves ignore me, as they whip by my head
all this is happening, while I lay upon my bed.

I'm looking up into the clouds, seeing my domain
I want the wind to blow, but not to blow in rain.

I'll keep it under control. I'll truly do my best
it can start on it's own, but I'll control the rest.

Controlling the direction, that's the hardest part
but I have got a plan, but first it's got to start.

The last time I tried this, it went not well at all
I thought I had it under control, then it seemed to stall.

But this is a different day; I'm feeling very sure
but what do I call the wind, is it "him" or "her" ?

Do you think it wrong of me, just a simple man
to want to grasp the wind, and hold it if I can?

You're thinking it's God's job, on this I would bet
but does it really matter, I haven't done it yet.

I don't want to be a god, just a lot more like mine
He knows I'll never do it, but trying is just fine.

He's sitting there now, with a smile on His face
"Steve's gonna try it, I'll watch just in case.

Usually when he gets like this, I'm called on pretty quick
like the time he thought, the ice looked pretty thick.

So now Steve my son, wants to grasp the wind
I just might let him do it, at least the very end.

I'll let him grab just the tail, and move it for a while
Steve will want to move the trees, I know my son's style."

Peter said to Jesus, "Lord, will Brother Steve be harmed?"
for a man in heaven, he seemed quite alarmed.

Jesus said to Peter, "Brother Steve will surely be fine
and if he is not, he's a brother of mine.

I've watched this man closely, everyday since his birth
he still has no clue, of his true worth.

But no matter what in life, it's not been good to see
all that Steve's been through, he's kept on loving me.

So I cut the boy some slack, he's had his time to grieve
we all just look at each other, and say it's just Steve.

Now he's gonna grasp the wind, at least it's something new
wasn't it Steve's own son, who turned the water blue?

Put food coloring, in a hundred gallon tank
wasn't good for his fish, a good idea that sank!

Now here he is, with a brand new goal
a beginning with none, now he wants control.

He's going to grasp the wind, everyone stand clear
this should be good, I think I'll stand over here."

"Up here in heaven," says a man named Paul
"We just love old Steve, in fact we love you all.

Well we're going to watch the show, God's letting him do it
one thing I'll say for Steve, the lad does have grit."

written by: steve cliche ... 8/15/04
7/17th air cav. pleiku, camp holloway
h.hqtrs co. AND 61st assualt hel. co.
70...71... hi guys...whats happening?

Take a look at Steve's artwork at www.clichefantasyart.com

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