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Old 07-08-2004, 09:28 PM
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Re: Dale Said

i loved every word you just said cj ...im your friend ...hope you stick it out here...i think were actually getting thru to a few of them ...love in christ , your brother steve
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Old 07-09-2004, 07:51 AM
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Banghead Peter, Peter, Peter

Peter, Peter, Peter

When they walk in our door, let them hear laughter
after all the hard times, it's what they are after.

The joy of God, should ring from our lips
and it don't matter, if it took a few trips.

My pastor once said, I'm a diamond, in the ruff
that encouraged me, even that was enough.

He meant it in, the very nicest way
gave me a compliment, during my day.

Well through the years, I have been cut
I have a few facets, but you know what?

I'm still pretty ruff, I like it that way
I wish you understood, what I'm trying to say.

God has a plan, and we're all part of it
we become us, and he loves every bit.

No matter what, I'm not going to leave
so hey everyone, get used to Steve!

I'm not mean, but I will act the fool
and if you trip, I'll probably say "cool".

I dont want you hurt, as you can see
and when I trip, you can laugh at me.

We need to lighten up, be filled with cheer
our savior's coming, the time's drawing near.

When He comes, will he see our smile?
or is that something, we keep in a file?

Mine is out, for you all to see
I have reasons to cry, believe you me.

But who wants that, as a constant diet
always sad ~ always quiet.

You know who I mean, when I say she's my friend
but even her, I'll joke with to no end.

We laugh all the time, and then we come here
and we try to share, a bit of our cheer.

You think I hate her, cause of my writing
and she types it in, thinks it's exciting.

So lighten up bro's, lets all have fun
won't be long, and we'll all be done.

I like to have fun, where ever I be
there's a small store, down the road from me.

A tornado was coming, we all pulled in
even then, I had to grin.

As the strangers, stood there in fear
I said out loud, "I don't want to die here".

Everyone laughed, at my little jest
the tension broke, that was best.

Of all the places, I have ever been
I've tried to cope, while wearin a grin.

I live in Hog eye, this I do swear
I told them all, I can't die here.

We call it, the Hog eye mall
it's just a gas stop, that is all.

So in the tornado, when it looked pretty bad
I had to laugh, I couldn't be sad.

I've been to war, I've seen it all
but please dear God, not the hog eye mall.

Of all the places, for a man to die
all I could think was, why God why?

We all laughed, and the storm passed by
and not one person, had thought to cry.

So when I joke, and that's what I'm doing
don't get uptight, it's you I'm wooing.

I'm trying to let, you all know me
at the same time, I'd like to know thee.

You all write comments, but they are not you
how can I know them, what will I do?

Oh I know, I know what I'll do
I'll be me, and you be you.

We'll know each other, after a while
but get used to me, and please try to smile.

Jesus was smiling, when he said Peter, Peter, Peter
he loved his brother, couldn't have been sweeter.

Peter had just asked, what he'd asked before
Jesus just wanted, his brother to trust more.

He wasn't mad, or putting Peter down
and I bet, he wasn't wearing a frown.

So come on man, get on board
be more like, our dear Lord.

And when strangers walk by, they will heer our cheer
and then they maybe, will want to come near.

Know this, God speaks to me
I'm sensative to His spirit, you will see.

And if I was being mean, He'd tell me soon
probably before, it ever reaches noon.

But till that time, I'm going to have fun
Now try to smile, and love the son.

written by: steve cliche ..... 7/8/04


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Old 07-09-2004, 10:05 AM
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Re: Peter, Peter, Peter

Well ain't that something. I really liked that one. Had a real hard time typing it in too. Lots of interruptions. I tried to check it over and make sure it was all the way steve wrote it, (currently unable to copy and paste). If you come accross some errors i appologize. It is a real nice piece boss.

For those of you who know little to nothing about steve I would encourage you to click on that link I add to the bottom of all of his poems. It will take you to a site that has a little background about him, some pictures of him and his family, and about a thousand pictures that he has personally drawn.

He is an odd cookie, kinda like an oreo. Hard on the outside, but sweet and soft on the inside. He sits in coffee shops and draws pictures of chicks with wings, dudes, crosses, and a whole bunch of other fanatasy. Some day I would like to see the crowd watching this bad lookin biker type dude drawing these little fairy's. Wonder what goes through their minds. Anyhow, if you do visit the site you will see some of the most extrordinary visions a man's mind can create. I am thrilled to see these expressions of his, it is so much fun to leave the world of reality and visit steve's world where he is king and master, slave and servant, and can make you anyone he wishes to at that moment.
Take some time to stop in and browse, it is free to look. It does not hurt. And for you who were in Viet Nam, you will see some little reminders of the nice and normal from there. No blood and gore, just the occasional conical hat in a fishing boat, or such.

Thanks boss, for sharing a bit of your world with us.

Your lowley employee ....... Dale (in case you can'f remember who I am) .... lol
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Old 07-09-2004, 10:10 AM
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Re: Send Me Money

for those of you wishing to send money to Steve you may contact me, His lowley employee, by private messenger on this site or though my email : dallee63@yahoo.com.

I will give you further instructions at that time.

** told you not to mess with your secretary!

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Old 07-09-2004, 12:02 PM
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Re: Peter, Peter, Peter

What's that I hear?

It does not sound much like laughter
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Old 07-09-2004, 05:27 PM
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13 Re: Peter, Peter, Peter

Tee Heee Heee He Haa ha Haw haw haw de har har giggle snort giggle Tee Hee de Hee
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Old 07-09-2004, 06:52 PM
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Re: Peter, Peter, Peter

you guys kill me....ha....this could and will be so much fun........love steve
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Old 07-09-2004, 08:06 PM
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Re: Peter, Peter, Peter

Well now this looks like a room i would certainly stop in and check out. What with all that tee hee heein' goin' on

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Old 07-09-2004, 08:21 PM
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Re: Peter, Peter, Peter

Just had to let you know we appreaciate you. :)
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Old 07-09-2004, 09:56 PM
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Banghead Re: Peter, Peter, Peter

all i know is.... im going to california .......bye
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Old 07-10-2004, 06:51 AM
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Bounce I'm Telling

I'm telling

Well we're leavin, we're off to the coast
the one on the west, I like it the most.

I lived there for years, till I was 26
now it's Hog eye, way out in the sticks.

But I'm leavin home, I'm off on my trip
Buff's going too, and He's pretty hip.

We've traveled a lot, even been out to sea
flown all over, that old Buff and me.

He refused to belt up, one time on a jet
I told him I'd tell, and that's what he'd get.

Well he's stubborn, I guess I am too
I looked at him, said "I'm telling on you."

I pushed the button, it went bong
I'm tellin', Buff, you're doin' wrong.

Bong, it's on ~ the he'd bing
He wouldn't behave, the silly thing.

So I raised my hand, like a good school boy
here come some help, to my joy.

She walked up laughing, at this tattooed arm in the air
then I told, I said "just lookie there."

She kindly asked Buff, if he would comply
and he did, never even asked why.

She said they saw, my arm in the air
for a while, they just stood to stare.

Could this big biker, be actually tellin' ?
there was not trouble, had been no yellin.

But he's raising his hand, like in the 2nd grade
they laughed so hard, their day had been made.

So now you know, that Steve will really tell
Buff laughed too, then he said "Oh well."

Now we're off, for a new adventure
Monday's the day, for the departure.

Takin out bikes, harley's they be
goin out west, old buff and me.

Out to San Fran, then up to the river
and Buff is also, a gospel giver.

We both love God, His ways we like
He will be there, like a third bike.

My mom's out there, and my brother too
there is no tellin, what we will do.

One week there, and week we will stay
and we will fish, oh by the way.

So you can all miss good old Steve
'cause Monday morning, I'm gonna leave.

But I'll be back, to fight the good fight
and think of the things, I'll have to write.

I know, I know, you want me to leave
even I'm, sick of old Steve.

But don't get too comfortable, do not relax
I'll have more ammo, I'll have a few stacks.

And I'll write and write, and Dale will post
then we will know, which you like most.

So far this site, has been kinda bumpy
but I'll be back, don't get all jumpy.

I can hear you now, I know you're all crying
I'm comin back, I'm really not lying.

So you kids be good, if your not ~ oh well
When I get back, I will just tell.

written by: a tattle tale, steve cliche .... 7/9/04
*** Note : if you enjoy Steve's poetry, or are just curious to know more about him check out his website. You will love his art work.

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Old 07-10-2004, 07:13 AM
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Re: I'm Telling

good job , oh lowly employee.....if you keep this up, one of these days, i might even give you a big raise.....like maybe a nickel, or even a dime.....hey look at that , another rhyme.....dale said , dale said, and we think its going to her head.....keep the baby safe while im away, and ill be back, on another day................somebody please look at dale said.....she really wants it to top 100.....she really is a wonderful person, you guys are very fortunate that she dropped in here, treat her well....the only reason she found this site , is because of a very real , very sincere interest in vietnam vets, and our well being....i still think shes a dink , but the wars been over a long time , so welcome her ....in my book she is a vet.......and a dink...ha
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Old 07-10-2004, 08:59 AM
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Re: Peter, Peter, Peter

Originally Posted by steve
all i know is.... im going to california .......bye
I was wondering about that, you were talking about "going to the coast to enjoy some roast" the other day. Have a safe trip Steve, catch ya on the return.
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Old 07-10-2004, 02:43 PM
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Re: Dale Said

ok you little cry baby.....there now its 100....cant believe the way you carried on about wanting at least 100 people to want to know exactly what did dale say.....wow....what a baby.....again , i say wow...........even you know who , isnt that much of a baby.....and she is a baby.....are you just a little ashamed?....wow
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Old 07-10-2004, 02:47 PM
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Re: Peter, Peter, Peter

thanks AJ.....ill be back....lord willing....take care of dale.....she tends to be some what of a baby at times....ha.....brother in christ , steve
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Old 07-10-2004, 08:17 PM
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Re: Peter, Peter, Peter

Originally Posted by steve
thanks AJ.....ill be back....lord willing....take care of dale.....she tends to be some what of a baby at times....ha.....brother in christ , steve
try my best, but when you get back from the coast we wanna here boast about the roast
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Old 07-10-2004, 08:23 PM
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Cart127 Rip Off

Rip Off

Did you get that check, that cj sent?
I've already got, my half spent.

I want their money, it pays my rent
and we will spend, every cent.

Don't get mad, don't get all bent
you'll get your cut, you'll pay your rent.

I'm a bit upset, I have to vent
you get half, of every cent.

It was my idea, but I know you meant
to take half, of my every cent.

I would have gave, I could have lent
Oh no, you gotta also pay your rent.

To my money, you've made quite a dent
send it to ME, is how it went.

A really good girl, would repent
before it all, was already spent.

But Oh no, you won't repent
you will keep, every cent.

So there it goes, my half spent
and you take, half of every cent.

Now your half rich, without consent
it's my money, you have spent.

I'm so mad, but I won't comment
go ahead, pay the rent.

Send me Steve's money, is how it went
wonder how much, they have sent.

I said for them, to send to this gent
but off to you, is where it all went.

So I ask again, about what cj sent
where's my half, is it spent?

wow dale, what a rip off....

written by: a ripped off, steve cliche .... 7/10/04

** If you like his poetry, you will love his art. check it out at

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Old 07-11-2004, 11:10 AM
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Re: Rip Off

Just like a tiger, he tiptoed in quiet stealth
Waiting for the money to appear on the shelf.
The check , it was cashed, the govt. stepped in
To take unearned cash and and smack his brave chin.

So we know who really is all that, to blame...
And we know who really plays just a thief's game.
And we know that cj only meant to do well...
And we know that Dallee won't tattle and tell.

Half from the donor, that half to pal steve.
Half pays the piper and leaves no reprieve.
Piper tells how we must live and kiss glute...
Piper metes out what is left of the loot.

You figure out how to get it all back.
How do we share when the piper is slack.
Should we refuse and just sew up the pack?
Forget how the thief led us down the wrong track.

He took the money and did not belong.
He tried to blame poor Dallee of the wrong.
He tried to say that cj made the call
And sent it away so you'd get none at all.

So sorry that the money only halfway got there.
I wrote a good check, wasn't even aware
That the devil lay waiting to snare your green money
And now you are broke and this isn't even funny.

Guess I'll have to be sure I get a good bank M.O.
And make sure the teller's not some devil's paid ho.
And next time I'll see that you get ALL yer cash
So you can be planning where the money will stash.

by cj AND usmc26th to steve & dalle ... with love.
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Old 07-11-2004, 07:29 PM
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Confused Written In Blue

Written In Blue

I can feel it coming, the reasons are mounting
I'm sitting here feeling, I'm not really counting.

I'm stepping out, of my safety zone
I'll be with folks, I wont be alone.

It's always like this, whenever I do
first I'm scared, then it turns blue.

So I'm leaving tomorrow, I'm still going to go
it will be harder, that's all I know.

Some people visit, they flutter about
mostly people, make me want to shout.

At the end of the day, when you all go to sleep
I'm still laying there, wanting to weep.

But the tears don't come, like I need them to
just look around, it's all turning blue.

My vacation's starting, I'm going to have fun
but when I'm with them, I'll still be one.

It's always been, my entire life
except for a season, with my wife.

I hope for you, you have my prayers
a stairway to heaven, with no more cares.

We're here together, we're never apart
I guess I'm sharing, a bit of my heart.

Get up in the morning, got things to do
leavin for Cali, I'm just kinda blue.

I look to the days, when I'm done with these
I pray for an end, I ask on my knees.

I can't finish, I'm not that strong
why has my life, all been wrong?

Why have I never, seen my mother's face?
why am I afraid, to leave this place?

Why am I not, like one of you?
and now I'm leaving, and I'm feeling so blue.

Well lets see here, I need to just go
I'll be blue, no one will know.

In Vietnam, during my public relations
I'd never of believed, it would color my vacations.

Goodbye my new friends, pray for Steve
the skys will be blue, and I'll have to leave.

written by: steve cliche .... 7/11/04

** if you like his poetry check out his art at


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Old 07-12-2004, 08:45 PM
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I'm Done

I'm Done

This poem is an epic affair
of times spent over there
every word I say to you
everyone will be true.

It all started way back when
on a sunny day full of men
during the day many men died
during the night many men cried.

The mortars fell day or night
but in the dark ~ what a sight
new guys runnin' to find a safe place
old guys lookin' in each others face

People screamin' not at each other
missin' arms wanting their mothers
then it's quiet like it never was
ears ringin' that wierd kinda buzz.

I'm scared of the quiet more than the noise
I'd done ok, kept my poise
cleanned up the mess, took it away
it happened again the very next day.

So new guys came and opened their eyes
late in the night you hear their cries
We'd start to laugh at any little thing
even the terrible a smile would bring.

As the sun went down we went out
no loud talkin' or a shout
we'd go up towers or in the ground
if the enemy came we'd get down.

A tower caught fire like a big joke
one guy jumped, leg got broke
we'd shoot flares at night, to light the sky
use the wind to blind our own guy.

Laughing while you hear him cuss
oh yeah, the fire was caused by us
don't tell the government about that fire
after what we said we'd be a liar.

But it was something I'm glad I've seen
so darn funny is what i mean
just don't tell is what I bed
sorry about that guy's leg.

We had to laugh, to keep from crying
laugh at anything, I'm not lying
but at times at night in my brain
the beauty I saw I cannot explain.

The noises I heard in the black
even now I want to go back
and the people I met in that land
the ones who tried to take a stand.

Their family's sitting in the night
it's very dark with no light
a face lights up a wrinkled hag
on her cigarette she takes a drag.

A cigarette burns in the night
her face is awesome in that light
these little scenes stick in your mind
were they all a special kind?

I'm lookin' back at the time
way before I wrote this rhyme
way before I even came back
even before my heart did crack.

First you're terrified then just scared
then you wonder when you cared
I'm sayin this as anyone would
I think it might even be good.

Did I tell you Ray lost his m79?
got in trouble and paid a fine
the sun was hot as I can tell
at times, I'm sorry, hot as hell.

Go downtown and meet the folks
visit the guys ~ tell some jokes
hey this place is really kinda cool
but I'm only the army's tool.

Wish I could come back in peace
when this nonsense will finally ceasce
maybe someday in my life
I will live without any strife.

I'm in Vietnam with all my bros
this is all this dude knows
I still have to go we're on alert
spend the night in the dirt

This really wasn't an epic tale
at epic I seem to fail

written by: steve cliche .... 7/11/14

** please visit www.clichefantasyart.com to
learn more about steve and his work.
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