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Old 11-30-2005, 03:56 AM
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Cross Glow Sm Clr No Feeling At Christmas

no feeling at christams

sitting in the gulf a soldier at war
no christmas no new year no hope of withdraw
a time for sharing and thoughts we give
wondering next month who will live

since ive been here ive got to say
why have they taken this soldier away
the soldiers in the gulf are blue and sad
now there`s nothing worse than a soldier thats mad

ive seen a few soldiers just sit and stare
looking at things that are not even there
they dream of somewhere away from here

somewhere they can sit and have a beer

over here you do the best you can
its not a game you must kill another man
the emptiness you feel when you shoot him dead
you`ll never forget it it`s in your head

now when war comes i will never fear
for the girl i dream of is always near
but some have got nothing not even a word
free as the wind free as a bird

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Old 11-30-2005, 04:05 AM
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Re: No Feeling At Christmas

Shaun Gardner is a member of the British armed services stationed currently in Germany. He has been involved since before dessert storm.
John Jones, the british soldier killed in the "roadside bombing" last weekend was a member of his regiment. John had only been with them for one month. He has a wife and a 5 year old child.

I met Shaun recently and he has shared some of his poetry with me. He said he did not mind if it was posted on this site.

Say a special prayer for Shaun when you read his words... most of you know what he is experiencing. This remarkable young man takes time out of his day in that misserable situation to make sure that I am smiling.

God can brighten a smile in the middle of a dust storm!

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