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Old 06-26-2004, 02:24 PM
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Re: Take A Peek

Do you truly believe that when someone makes a post, and another responds, it is meant to demean?

I think not.

Steve apparently took Troopers remark in a way that was not intended.
But when Steve asked the question about crappy, how would you have responded?

And why do you think asking if Steve ever asked himself why he prefers alone, is inappropriate? Chat forums are for chat. If someone cant ask why or what, just like you have asked me, then what is the point of even having this?

And any post that is here is open to intrepretation. If what I see does not line up with the intent of the post, I need to ask the author what he means and not expect that every time I will get some response questioning my Christianity or what I should be saying.

I am writing this as sincerly as I can with no malice or condemnation.

I guess thats it. You are more than welcome here, just as Steve is.
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Old 06-26-2004, 02:40 PM
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Re: Take A Peek

No i dont believe that every response is meant to demean. Trooper left comments on two poems both left room for ambiguity. Steve ASKed for clarification when he asked if trooper meant it to sound crappy or not.
The comment on "have you ever wondered why?" was the ambiguous one. It was the calling his poem "drug poetry" and then quoting a scripture out of context that i found inappropriate. I dont think most "newbies" would be encouraged to continue after that.

But if you want to turn this around and make it something it is not i wont stop you. I did not say i expected everyone to talk alike, I never indicated you were not a Christian. I simply said I thought someone should be reaching out to invite him in instead of expecting him to come seek you out to talk, and that i think Jesus would have been more understanding if he were wanting to draw someone into the fold.

But as you say, What do I know about it?
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Old 06-26-2004, 03:35 PM
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Re: Take A Peek

going backwards....I was responding to your question with a question....

you wrote
"Did you really experience Viet Nam? Steve is not the first to have this reaction to it. Why are all of you "ministers" not wrapping your arms around him and welcoming him? Why are you not talking directly to him?"

I believe the posts I have made that start out, STEVE, is an indication I am talking directly to him, and not any one else. When you post and I answer, it is to you.

The responses that have been to Steve, he responds to in verse. He has made his position clear. That is what chat rooms are for, I dont see that anyone has been uncivil or for that matter, uncaring.

Now to add one more thing....."not the first to have this reaction", yes you are right. If someone comes to me and says this is where I am, this works for me, I am Born Again but still have not had any relief, but I prefer to keep away, have no interaction with others, am unwilling to talk to anybody, stay up all night, sleep all day, because the dark keeps me in bondage, in a place I dont want to go back to, but can never leave, still have nightmares, still have all the intrusive thoughts, dont want to keep them, but it is a familiar place for me to be, and I dont want to get hurt again, so I keep myself there, Im tired of people, if they dont respond the way I expect, I will say...see they dont care!! So I will just stay off in my own corner of the world and not bother.....
Would you respond with some cliche, some worn out phrase, some tired old words that person is unwilling to embrace. Or would you say,

STEVE, I BEEN THERE...you want to talk....have at it.....but only when you are ready??

And yes too, to what you said about stereotypes. My only meaning was this, there is too much talk and writing to how screwed up Vietnam Vets in particular are, so much that all are painted with the same brush, no matter what they did or did not do in Vietnam. Steve and ALL Vietnam Veterans are heroes. They went where no one else wanted to go. Did what their Country called them to do and then came home to a less than thankful nation.

There is hope, this is a place for caring and if you dont "feel" it here, I dont know what else I can do.

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Old 06-26-2004, 05:22 PM
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Biggrin Is She A Dink?

o Is She A Dink ...lol

Can't we all just get along?
This is how we will be strong.

As for Dale, she really cares
when we came home to the stares.

No she's not a Viet Nam vet
but as for caring I'd win that bet.

We are Americans one and all
We all live on this big ball.

You don't have to be a vet
to care for people you never met.

I wish there could of been more
who cared enough to know the score.

She has taken more time than me
to learn the truth, to really see.

As for me I could care less
I got sick of all the mess.

But she took time to learn our plight
I'm glad she didn't have to fight.

But now she's truely on our side
she knows about how they lied.

She thanked me just for serving
I didn't think I was deserving.

Now we are friends, she's so cool
and this lady is no fool.

By the way, I love this site
but lets all end this stupid fight.

Yea, lets all end this silly fight,
after all we know I'm right.

Now that I stop to really think,
she was there but she was a dink.

I'm just kidding she's not a dink
I said that with a wink.

She's my buddy the one I met,
and I feel she is a vet.

We're all vets, the ones that care.
not just those who were there.

we're just friends, we dont smootch,
but I wish she would of shared my hootch.

Again I'm joking, at least I think,
wonder if she is a dink.

Looky there I did it again,
when dealing with me you just can't win.

I think we all said our piece
now all this can cease.

All of you won't like my rhymes
while in Nam I made E3 three times.

Now that I stop and think
maybe I was a dink.

All I know that's really sure
is that Jesus is the cure.

I'm having fun with the poems
May God bless all your homes.

Am I writing all this stuff?
Do you think I've wrote enough?

Well I don't so I'll write more,
one day I wrote four.

I'm here now so lets all be friends,
surface quick you get the bends.

That line made no sense
I guess now you think I'm dense.

But really now does it matter?
We're all just here, getting fatter.

I've lost more hair than I ever had
it's growing back and that aint bad.

It's growing back that's what I said
too bad it's on the back of my head.

I think I'll just go on and on,
I bet you wish that I was gone.

Were the roses really red?
is that what they really said?

Were the Violets truely blue?
I'm stopping now for all of you.

written by: steve cliche ....6/26/04
i really do live alone ..... ha ha


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Old 06-27-2004, 05:49 PM
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Cross Glow Lg Clr 2 Jesus Knew You

Jesus Knew You

I sat before the Lord today
just to hear what He might say.

He turned to Peter; they looked at me
then they smiled, they did agree.

"Steve's OK" the Lord did say
"Yes Lord let's let him stay.

He's the one who cracked us up"
then they passed me the cup.

We sat around, took some sips,
I sat and watched the Lord's lips.

Didn't want to miss a word,
Most loving voice I'd ever heard.

I didn't have a lot to say,
Jesus wanted me there anyway.

So I kicked back with the Lord,
and I never felt a bit ignored.

They spoke of things of the earth,
a mother's pain at a birth.

I was able to sit and stare,
as the Lord answered prayer.

I want you all to know one thing
we have a very loving King.

He healed a man who was just sad,
with a better life than he ever had.

He gave a home to those without,
"Glory To God" I had to shout.

Peter came and refilled my glass,
as these things came to pass.

Then the Lord healed a man
I think his name was Don or Dan.

He put food on empty plates;
loved the one who only hates.

And while He did all of this,
had time to give a holy kiss.

Said "I'm sorry Steve about your life,
I tried to work with your ex-wife

She would not listen nor obey."
"Thank you Lord" is all I could say.

Peter wanted to show me around,
all through heaven I heard the sound.

People saying "Praise The One"
Like Jesus said ~ It was done.

I saw the world and all the pain;
saw the clouds dropping the rain.

I looked around and to my surprise,
I looked right into your eyes.

I said "great you made it too"
"Yeah" you said "Just like you."

"Well I didn't get here on my own
come with me I'll show you the throne"

There sat Jesus, in all His glory,
telling children a beautiful story.

We sat down, me and you,
we are really children too.

At the end we had a feast,
I can't say I ate the least.

No one mean, no one rude
who's the cook that made all this food?

There was no cook, no need to bother
all was there from the Father.

A thousand cattle on a thousand hills
and God was there to pay the bills.

I get to stay for ever more,
my heart feels good, to the core.

When you ask Jesus into your heart
that is when your eternity will start.

Don't put it off, please don't wait
Put away all of your hate.

Open up let Him in your heart
you won't miss this if you are smart.

But if you wait and it passes you by,
and then you find you're going to die,

even then you can be saved,
no matter how you have behaved.

Jesus knew you all this time,
and that's the end of this rhyme.

written by: steve cliche .... 6/27/04


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Old 06-28-2004, 07:46 AM
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Angel Flying Sword Ty Clr Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun

It's so early that I'm waiting on the sun
and I think it might be late,
but we only have just this one
so I think that I'm going to wait.

When it's here things seem bright
and there seems to be more hope.
Yep! There it is, once again I'm right.
I'll send you some in an envelope.

I just love to see it rise,
and peek over the distant hill,
it really dosen't hurt the eyes
but later probably will.

Another gift from our God above
It's there to light our day.
Just a sign of His love
to help us on our way.

Wish that I could see you here
to hear the birds with me
to sit together oh so near
and see what we could see.

Thank you Lord, for the sun
thank you for the light
it was great to give us one
and this one is so bright.

It's been there everyday of my life
I've watched it many times
it will also show the strife
and our many crimes.

We need the light in our land
to push away the dark
now we can take our stand
and try to hit the mark.

Teach the world, let them see
the love from God above;
The sun is up for you and me
It's time to show our love.

Get up! Get up! enjoy the sun
it rose again today
Jesus Christ is the One
to help you on your way.

If you sleep and you dont wake
you'll miss the early rays
It's the day God did make
like all the other days.

Now that I've got this done
I'm going back to bed;
Just a bit of early fun
I could have slept instead.

But I woke to see the sun
and watch it's early rise,
now I need to really run
and shut my tired eyes.

written by: steve cliche .... 6/28/04
thank you Lord for the light

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Old 06-29-2004, 04:11 AM
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Re: Take A Peek

Hello everyone,

I never gave a formal introduction of myself, but most of you have figured out who I am by now.
I am not a vet, never served in the armed forces, never lost anyone to a war.

I dont't know where my deep feelings for Viet Nam vets come from, but they exist none the less. I have read all of the books and articles I can get my hands on concerning the whole mess, and can honestly say I gave up trying to sort it all out.

God gave me a hunger and a love for the guys who were there. I started saying thank you to all of them I would meet. I got a little embarrased and kinda hurt at their less than enthusiastic respones, and stopped saying it for a while. The more I read and researched the more I began to understand and I decided my little bit of discomfort was nothing. I wanted to tell every single Viet Nam vet that I was really glad he served, and that I was sorry for not being there when he got home to say it.

Been having a hard time with my devotions for the past few days. Seems the Holy Spirit is doing His job and guietly convicting. You see, to know what is right to do and not do it is sin also.

It occurred to me, much too late, that all of you are Viet Nam veterans. I met you. But I never said "thank you" to you. I never said I was sorry for not being theree when you came home. In fact, I have been rather rude and callouse with you, expecting you to do things the way I think they should be done.

Dana, AJ, and Trooper, I am sorry. I can't offer an explaination. You guys have been through it enough, now you are trying to do something to reach out to the others and here I am giving you grief about it. My heart goes out to the guys who can't seem to find their way out of Nam. The ones who live in limbo in between. Yes they cast a large shadow over everyone who was there, and I get a little defensive of them sometimes. I will try to temper that with a little understanding of how frustrating that must be for those of you who have come home and tried to re-enter society on some level.

Thank you guys, for serving and for trying.

Am trying to attach something special for Dana and all of you marines. Hope it comes through
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Old 06-29-2004, 07:03 AM
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Re: Take A Peek


No harm no foul.
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Old 06-29-2004, 10:17 PM
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Bored Busted


I got busted, years ago
breakin' the law, don't ya know.

Went to court, paid a fine
then the bars, I was behind.

Almost a year, just about one
they didn't like, me havin' the gun.

I was just where I didn't belong
40 days in the hole, remember that song?

But the gun, sure changed things
when you break the law, time it brings.

It's not what you get, it's what's taken away
So don't break the law, when you play.

As soon as I stopped, they left me alone
Now I'm in a better zone.

But at one time, I was locked up
this way of life, they interrupt.

You don't want, to go to jail,
having someone, reading your mail.

Never see, the skies of blue
people come to visit you.

Never time, to catch your breath
Live with guys, who want your death.

Every day, lasts a year
every night, shed a tear.

When you hear, the doors slam shut
you get this feeling, in your gut.

Out of your hands, you are there
it's too late, at walls you stare.

You live with people, you have to fight
someone else, shuts off your light.

As the years go by, your mind will leak
and then you find, it's just been a week.

If you think, that time flys,
go to jail. hear the cries.

I will never spend another day
behind bars, locked away.

So I'm giving you a bit of advice
dont go there, it aint nice.

when the lights fo out, your not so cool
Why oh why did I act the fool?

I had a Bible, I read it some
God was callin, here I come.

Jails good, for just one thing
You learn to think, what life could bring.

So now I'm out, never going back
I would rather, live in a shack.

As it is, I've been blessed
I bet by now, you have guessed.

Yep Jesus called me again
I said yes, your spirit come in.

Now I visit, those in jail
and I read my own mail.

I received, God's free gift
man did life, begin to shift.

I'm still bad, I am a sinner
but with God, I'm now a winner.

Do not wait, till it's really bad
Love God now, you'll be glad.

One mistake, and you're there too
no more looking, at skies of blue.

written by: steve cliche ..... 6/29/04

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Old 06-30-2004, 05:45 PM
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Banana What Could I Say

What Could I Say

Years ago, in a land far away
I shot a man, a very bad day.

It was a thing, I'd never done
tell the truth, there was more than one.

He was shooting, right back at me
the way he dropped, I got his knee.

He was hidden, except that knee
it was all, I could see.

So I took, careful aim
all that practice, was to blame.

The little fellow, dropped like a rock
for a while, I was in shock.

But my buds, and the pats on the back
got my mind, back on track.

"Don't feel bad" that's what they said
"Just be glad that dink is dead"

I asked "How do you know that he's dead?"
"He was also shot in the head"

I said "Wow, is that good?"
they said, I'd done what I should.

The next time, it wasn't so shocking
fired my weapon, had it rocking.

Didn't care, after a while
at times, it made me smile.

The new guys, would look at me
I just wondered, what'd they see.

Have I changed, can it be seen?
I know inside, I feel kinda mean.

Many a night, up in a tower
my m60, gave me some power.

Claymores set, trip wires out
shhhhh be quiet, no one shout.

Is that movement, send up a flare
eyes would burn, from the stare.

Look as hard, as you could
is that a dink, or a piece of wood.

All night long, the tension built
people at home, would just melt.

Who can keep, this up for a year?
I guess I did, cause I'm here.

But I'm really not the same
again the practice, was to blame.

Practice being, all up tight
then it starts, to feel right.

I stopped reading, letters I got
was busy trying, to not get shot.

Didn't write, to anyone
It was just, me and my gun.

I couldn't think, about my wife
a good way, to loose your life.

I'd left all that, way behind
I was now, a different kind.

Was not the kid, who went away
So if I wrote, what would I say?

I am fine, weather's great
guess what, I learned to hate.

I killed a dink, it made me smile
at home, I'd be on trial.

I had nothing, I could say
Ray died, oh by the way.

I can't tell, how I've been
When I kill, it makes me grin.

Do you think, I should of wrote?
I'll stop now, on that note.

written by: steve cliche ...6/30/04

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Old 07-03-2004, 07:23 PM
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Tender and Sad

Tender and Sad

Tender and sad, beautiful beyond compare
I miss it, I miss all the feelings
those that have stuck with me
seem to haunt me
I try to dismiss them
to release them
I just want them to go to where they came from.

Tender and sad, I cannot help but stare
trying to look deep within
past the horror
into where I had been
before my life changed
always hurting me
leaving me
I just want to let it all go to where it belongs.

Tender and very sad, it makes me care
when what i want is total forgiveness
I need a place of peace
to visit and to rest from this, ....from this
I just want my mind back to where it was.

Tender?... Sad?... Beautiful beyond compare?
I'm empty, I can't be filled
or even comforted,
let me go
if there is an end
I need it to be a part of this day
no more waiting for what you all take for granted.

Tender was my heart, back when I could dare
to let you in
to trust in your love
to feel safe
I'm so very tired, of not having that feeling
or any others.

written by: steve cliche

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Old 07-03-2004, 09:15 PM
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Banghead The Baby's Ring

The Baby's Ring

How's the baby doin, how is she today?
Is she smilin, did she go out to play?

Will it be a good day, will the kids be kind?
Will she go into a cave, where a ring she'll find?

Will life be an adventure, will she clean her room?
or is she way to busy, lookin for Mt. Doom?

Is she the hero, will she answer the call?
Is she really Frodo, the hero of them all?

Will Mom get on her knees, and be her little friend?
and fight those nasty orcs, till the stories end?

I think you will make it, it is my only dream
cause you two are together, you make an awesome team.

Don't let those mean trolls, who live so near by
make you loose ur purpose, or ever make you cry.

Just stick to the mission, save the world from them
and don't listen to Smegol, oh no don't trust him.

Sharpen all your weapons, get out your trusty bow,
You're on an adventure, but that you already know.

Mom can be Gandalf, for she is very wise,
she can do most anything, after about 3 tries.

She can cast quite a spell, make it all ok,
so get down on her level, and with the baby play.

Pippin and Merry, and frodo and sam
and gimli the dwarf, that's who i think I am.

When we've all done our parts, and we've all had our say
leave it to the baby, she shall win the day.

Whenever the orcs are coming very, very near
put on ur little ring, and the baby will disapear.

Today will be a great day, it will be just fine
you're on the road together, way ahead of the nine.

If the baby's fearful, and you cannot find strider
go deep into murkwood, there you can surely hide her.

Check your sword often, see if it is blue
the you'll know if orcs, are anywhere near you.

Now you are done, go back to your shire
you put the ring in Mt. Doom, right into the fire.

You took care of it all, you handled all the crap
and now I think the best thing, is to let momma take a nap!

I will watch for you, while you get some rest
Hurray for the Hobbits! The baby is the best.

written by: steve cliche ... 7/3/04

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Old 07-04-2004, 06:47 AM
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Banghead Baby's Ring, part two

Baby's Ring, part two

Oh my, oh dear, I forgot my hat
now I'm going on and adventure, I cannot go like that.

A bunch of dwarfs, Gandalf and me
going to see some elves, and happy they will be.

We all have a pony, mine was named Bill
Frodo has Bilbo's ring, I think he has it still.

This trip will be fun, the baby's going too
She is bringing her sword, the one that turns blue.

The trolls in the area, who are very mean
will be turned to stone, as soon as the sun is seen.

And if they treat the baby bad, like they have before
we'll shoot an arrow in their butt, they won't do that no more.

But now the baby's got a sword, It's name is sting I think
and as for the trolls, have you noticed how they stink?

They live in a dirty cave, and never take a shower
and besides the way that they smell, they really have no power.

But we can go around them, we'll go another way
this will be fun, we'll be in rivendale today.

That is where the elves live, it is a happy place
water falls all around, you should see Sam's face.

Sam always wanted, to travel just like Bilbo,
and now here we are, and off we will go.

Gandalf was with us, but he had to leave
had business with saruman, his friend I believe.

Orcs are all thru these woods, so we must hurry
but when they see the baby, man will they scurry.

She has Sting, bilbo's famous sword
Gandalf said it was made, with a majic word.

I saw the baby once, fight off some orcs,
they had one tough guy, the rest were all dorks.

As for the tough one, the baby beat him too
she stuck him in the butt, what else could she do?

He said "ouch" really loud, but when he turned to grab
the baby was behind him, he got another stab.

All the dwarfs were laughing, holding to their sides
now when the babys there, the orcs all run and hide.

Legolas is her friend, an elf is what he is
he can really shoot an arrow, and she is really his.

Where are merry and pippin? They were with us before
now the orcs took them, and they are here no more.

Ahh, but they're with treebeard, the oldest of the old
he's a walkin' tree, or so I have been told.

Gandalf says he's ok, but he's even older than mother
so the baby likes him fine, he is like a brother.

On this trip, the whole time, we're followed by a shadow
Golum is his name, he's Smegol don't you know.

His name was changed, back when he got the ring
now only the baby, has to destroy this thing

So we're on this adventure, the baby, mom, and me
but how it all ends, you'll have to wait and see.

written for: the baby
written by: steve cliche ....7/3/04

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Old 07-04-2004, 07:42 AM
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Disappointed I Too Had a Dream

I Too Had a Dream

I too had a dream, was not a good dream, but none the less, a dream. Mine was a dream of love, of a land that united truly under God. A land where all men are free, not because of the color of their skin, but free because of what Jesus did to set us free. Free to choose in every aspect of our lives. Free to love everyone. Free to treat all men equal, and yet free to be alone. Nothing forced. Love to be shared, to be given freely. Love for the children of the world. Free to show that love toward them all, not because of their color, but because they are children. Free to love the God who that made me, free to give him the honor which is His. Love and freedom, these are my dream.

My dream continues. It slowly turns to a dream of revenge and hate, where I and my fellow men try to end each others lives by any means possible. A killing world, of pain and hurt, where death is the norm, and love is a under developed commodity. To be used instead of given. Used as a tool to get, to lust for, after, then to crush and to destroy, leaving only the pain, only the tears, nothing. My dream. My dream is of a snail, slowly crawling along the edge of a straightrazor. This is my dream. This is my nightmare. This is my life. To be lived by those of little hope, those that have already given up, the defeated, the lost, the rejected. Alone, without the hope of a future, no dreams, nothing to look upon, or remember with any sort of joy. Only sadness, only despair .................. I'm just kidding.

written by: steve cliche ..... 1/19/04

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Old 07-05-2004, 08:39 PM
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Left Wing, Draft Dodging Loosers

Left Wing, Draft Dodging Loosers

Just because they jumped off a bridge, you will too?
Listen to me, cause now I'm going to tell you.

We told our kids, don't follow the crowd
the war protesters, said it very loud.

In history books, they talked of our fight
but if you read on, it was not right.

People put down, those who didn't go
there's a few things, you should all know.

I have respect, for the men who went
but those who didn't, were heaven sent.

Don't jump son, because the rest did
who needs war? Well not some kid.

They brought attention, by leaving this place
made them listen, had facts to face.

If the war was wrong, then they were right
can't be both, who needed that fight?

Never once in my life, did a dink bother me
or you my brothers, are you starting to see?

So the ones who decided, not to kill
are really right, and they are still.

None of their names, are on that wall
and the war was wrong, after all.

Their government said to ours, bla bla bla
and as we died, we cried, ma ma ma.

Those who went, know they were just farmers
they weren't the Jap's, they were not harmers.

Why just because, we are all told
should we go, and kill young and old?

If I leap off the bridge, will you too?
But that's what Uncle Sam, said to do.

So as unpopular, as this thought might be
why they left, it's easy to see.

I wish now, that I would've left too
but instead, I fought beside you.

We did our duty, try as we might
but that don't matter, it's still not right.

I told my son, to stop and think
before he shot, some innocent dink.

When we had, our own civil war
did the viet cong, knock on our door?

So why's it right, for the United States
to tell everyone, we'll decide your fates?

There were those, who saw this as wrong
and now I for one, am singing their song.

Like 1,2,3,4, we didn't need your stinking war
now that i think ~ I like it even more.

Now it's Iraq, they get on my nerves
Never met one, so they get what they deserve.

I believe, in protecting our land
But to just bully, that I can't stand.

Now I'm too old, so I don't need to worry
but if they call my son, I'll help him scurry.

We'll be in Canada, before you can blink
maybe not you, but that's what I think.

The guys who left, I give a big hand
at least they all, took a stand.

They didn't want to leave, the USA
but they are alive, oh by the way.

Don't have nightmares, didn't loose their wives
No names on the wall, they still have their lives.

Don't be offended, just because I'm so right ... (lol)
freedom is the reason, why we should fight.

When I was in Nam, it was with no point of view
Now I have one, and I know you do too.

So hey to the guys, who chose not to go
I love the vets, but you too are my bro.

I know we need, to serve if we must
but don't just kill, with total blind trust.

The ones who left, who you've always blamed
unlike me, they did nothing to be ashamed.

When in Nam, I acted very bad
some things I did, still make me sad.

This is just me, so what the heck
wonder how the weather is, up in Quebec ..... ha...ha.

written by: steve cliche .....7/5/04

* I have the utmost love and respect for my Vietnam veteran brothers....
I just have my own viewpoint about those who used their free choice not to go...plus, I absolutely hated the army.... ha ha ... God bless...

**All comments will be very much appreciated.
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I Can Wait

I Can Wait

peanut butter, and a big gob of jelly
a slab of bread, a chick named Shelly.

maybe some chips, and bit of dip
hey there's Dallee, with her hand on her hip.

some chocolate milk, and a candy bar
a foxy lady, sitting in my car.

tuna sandwhich, with miracle whip
there's Dallee again, hand on her hip.

I also like Debbie, she's pretty fine
bunch of cookies, I'm ready to dine.

I need some butter, for my toast
a kiss from linda, maybe a roast.

Kathy just left, took my ginger snaps
Joy's comin over, or Betty perhaps.

I'm makin some spaghetti, lots of sauce
going out with Linda, forget the cost.

this bean dip, is really great
I hope Robin, is not late.

let's see, what could I eat
dating Darla, was really a treat.

I know, I'll have some pie
I kissed Denise, with just one try.

I'm really hungry, I need a snack
kissed Barbara, even I heard the smack.

I'll eat a salad, but not today
Cindy's here, oh by the way.

think about it, a bowl of Jell-O
she got my attention, just with hello.

I'm eating, everything in site
me and Connie, seemed kinda right.

it's just the urge, to fill my gut
as for the women, you know what?

they are all, so very cool
but the Lord says, don't be a fool.

wait on Him, he will provide
just don't sin, even if you have to hide.

but it's ok, while you fill your belly
with peanut butter, and lots of jelly.

God will give us, someone to love
He knows our heart, He's God above.

trust in Him, He knows out hearts
so wait on Him, use your smarts.

don't forget, to love God the most
oh crap, I'm burnin' the roast.

got to go, it's burnin' up
I'll let the Lord, fill my cup.

thank you God, for your ways
it will lengthen, all my days.

written by: ... a very hungry, steve cliche...7/4/04


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Bored Still Have Teeth

Still Have Teeth

I used to be a Lion, now I'm a second hand cat
used to be pretty wild, now I'm just fat.

Back in the day, I had quite a roar
no longer young, but I'm not a bore.

I have lived, put that on my stone
not in the jungle, not always alone.

I've done some hunting, in the dark
I have laughed, in the park.

People have feared me, I'm not proud to say
some still do, to this very day.

I guess there was a look, in this cat's eyes
it said "back off", with all your lies.

I walked this earth, with my head held high
but my pride was not, the reason why.

I was proud, because of my love
for all people, and God up above.

I really was a lion, whith huge scary claws
and you should see, the teeth in these jaws.

I've bit a few men, through the years
I've brought grown men, close to tears.

When I felt hunted, I would turn the table
and kill them first, if I was able.

It's not good, to kill your fellow man
but I can't say, that I ever ran.

If pushed to the limit, I'd cross that line
then walk away, leave it behind.

I'm not bad, I'm just not a coward
this is true, I pulled a gun on Howard.

You see this Howard, he scared a girl
I put some fear, in his world.

Lots of times, when I'd go out alone
I'd find trouble, guess I was prone.

But never did I look, for what I found
trouble always, seemed to be around.

I never walked, with a chip on my shoulder
just seems life, made me grow bolder.

It wasn't easy, this life of mine
but I made it through, I'd say just fine.

I'm just saying, I lived as a man
and I still do, as much as I can.

This lion, has felt some grief
but be nice, I still have teeth.

In the world, if you walk like a man
guys feel challenged, start crap if they can.

One thing I've learned, along the way
everythings not settled, in a single day.

At times it's smarter, just to back track
come out behind them, cut them no slack.

There are no rules, when your on the hunt
so watch yourself, don't pull the wrong stunt.

There are lions out, in that jungle with you
so be very careful, what you choose to do.

Don't try to impress, your little friend
being all tough, bad it can end.

There are people out there, with no love in their hearts
they will hurt you, and that's just for starts.

I used to be a lion, now I'm a second hand cat
Just giving some advise, but enough of that.

written by : steve cliche ...... 7/4/04

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Cross Glow Lg Clr 2 Bing Bing Bing

Bing Bing Bing

There is a natural order, the way things were meant to be
and our Lord set it in motion, and it's so easy to see.

Man is without excuse, for he can see God in his very creation
we are to love everyone, like we love our closest relation.

Look up to the heavens, just look what God has made
stand by a roaring river, in the center of a glade.

Be so very quiet, and hear Him moving in the breeze
you can even see him there, trees bend just like our knees.

It's all been put in place, by God's most holy hand,
and you can see Him everywhere, all accros this land.

I've been to other countries, I've actually been to quite a few
and as I traveled their lands, His hand had been there too.

Everywhere you look in life, and this there is no maybe
God's been there before you, even with a baby.

They seem so new and fresh, new I could have sworn
yet Jesus knew their names, before ever they were born.

He knew how many hairs, they'd have upon their head
He new the day and time, when to sin they would be dead.

It's all set in order, there's really no need to fret
He's known you forever, and you He won't forget.

The love that He has for us, He's shown in many ways
like the wonderful feelings we get, when our baby 1st prays.

When we hear them speak to God, in their simple speach
we know that He is hearing them, our God's within our reach.

go up on a mountiantop, and look as far as can be
God made every bit, of everything you see.

And when your on that mountaintop, and clouds go drifting by
take the time to thank the Lord, and it's just fine to cry.

There is a natural order, the way things were meant to be
just bow your head like David did, you have been set free.

Like all the stars shining, way up in our skies
just like the baby's birth, and you hear it's 1st cries.

Everything is in an order, there is no hit and miss
it's all been done so beautifully, our God did all of this.

Plant yourself a tree, and watch God make it grow
there is no evolution, it will not have a toe.

I went this entire way, was serious all the way
then my sense of humor, had to ruin the day.

Was talking about creation, and all God's done, ya know
then I had to write that line, about that tree havin a toe.

sorry ... ha ....ha.... written by steve cliche...7/5/04
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Cart127 Dale Said

Dale said

I'm not writing a poem today
you don't like 'em anyway.

Dale says that you don't
that's the reason that I won't.

I tried my best to write for you
Dale says for me not to.

So I won't bother you guys
I gave it several real good trys.

Dale says I should just quit
so this will be really it.

She said you guys hate me
that no more poems do you want to see.

Ok, Ok I will stop
Dale's given me the chop.

Shut me off like a switch
so I think Dale's a real ... neat lady ... lol.

You should of said you were sick
all my poems you say ick.

At least that's what Dale said
that you all want me dead.

She said a lot of other things
about the misery my writings bring.

What can I say to what she's said?
that ya'all think I'm sick in the head.

I told Dale I did the best I can
she said "shut up and be a man".

So no more writing when I get that itch
and I think Dale's a real...cool chick...lol.

If one of you would have just told me
I wouldn't of listened to Dale scold me.

I could of stopped long ago
if you'd only let me know.

Dale said, Dale said
it keeps ringing in my head.

Man you guys, why didn't you say
you've hated them all from the 1st day.

Dale says I'm the worst
the whole site is now cursed.

It was really hard in my head
to hear what all Dale said.

About the way you all feel
how you ask "what's the deal?"

Dale said to give it up
all my poems just disrupt.

My heart's been cut, I need a stitch
and i think Dale's really a....sweet girl....lol.

So I'm not writing another word
as to this you can be assured.

She said I'm wasting all my time
and none of my poems even rhyme.

I don't know why you didn't just say
hey Steve, please go away.

Dale said, I'm not very well received
and every word I believed.

I'm not smart, I'm not rich
and that Dale's a real .....beautiful person....lol.

written by: A HAS BEEN WRITER...<<<that's what Dale said
steve cliche...7/6/04

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Re: Dale Said

Ok this is outright full frontal attack.

I am locked and loaded and ready to volley.

I believe there are several people on this site who specialize in analyzing people and their motivations. I am curious to see what they have to say about this "poem."

First of all I think you should all know that Dale is the one who posts Steves poems for him and she did not say any of that. Secondly, Steve's humor is often mistaken for cockieness, or smugness, rather than the playfulness he intends.

That said I will leave it up to you all to pick apart the underlying motive in this "poem".

lol, you asked for it bro.
says Dale.

** never attack your secretary, especially when she knows your password.
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