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Old 10-26-2006, 09:31 PM
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Betwixted and Bewildered

Of all the churches and ministries I've known Pointman has been and still is the best I've come across.

Of late I had brought my wife to church and a lady from a group we'd been in previous years was asking my wife some questions she'd rather not answer. Problem is this has been a pattern with every place we've been to. I for one am ready to bag going to church because of personal security related issues that frankly I'm tired of dealing with.
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Old 10-27-2006, 07:21 PM
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Re: Betwixted and Bewildered

Without revealing an identity here, I was recently talking to a Vet that has the same issues in church. (it could be me but not this time), anyway, he is disabled for physical stuff and also has a PTSD rating. All related to combat. He gets quizzed all the time about it in churches. seems like the churches are the worst and the world really does not care. Your business is your business, and its between you and God, not the church. Having said that, I think its important to attend church if for nothing else but to hear the word of God. You can read all you want, but there is something special about HEARING the WORD. Did you hear the Pastor at the last conference in Oregon? Talked a little too fast for me, but the Word was right on and built me up.
Im still agitated about the singer but thats another story.
So I guess what Im saying is dont throw out the whole church because of a couple knuckleheads.
Look at it as you would a firebase or rear area where you can go and get resupplied with your food and ammunition before you have to go out and fight the battle again. You dont have to live there as many of those people never leave the four walls and their comfort zone. We are out on the perimeter or even farther away and need that link ....I hope I made some sense.
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Old 10-28-2006, 01:02 PM
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Re: Betwixted and Bewildered

I don't know what a church is these days!! The last conference in Turner oregon was a real charger for all who attended! I was blessed beyond words & I saw God's hand move in delightful ways!
Church is when 2 or more gather in the name of the Lord. Start your own church! Go gather w/ someone in the name of the Lord! Lets all start our own little churches!!!...Crackedpot.
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