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Old 07-08-2007, 05:21 PM
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Pow/mia Something You Can Do

Take heart you that faced the battles of life at home and abroad

The warrior that saw, that met the enemy, the death and wounds friends

The civilian who battles to feed his family and compete in lifeís tribulations

They that seek justice in the home of the brave

They that strive to find their missing, lost, unreturned, in an uncaring domain

The hardest fight cab be the one - one does not know how to fight

A fight one has not been trained for, for government guarantees justice and protection

Leaving it to leaders we choose in election we become weak in a nation of might

When government cares not because those that claim the power hide the truth

Make government work, you can find the way, take heart stay with it - donít stray

You can influence change in the name of another in this country so great

Though not so swift when others hinder for other agendas, and truth is hidden

Others have tried while bearing the pain, joined by some for the bracelets name

There are some that continue, that stand up again, because in America it is right

Because in doing so they will surely find the way

House Resolution 111 is the way, to form a POW/MIA investigative committee

To find the truth, the lost unreturned, making government work the American way

Find the strength to face not head, in the face of those that will deny and dismiss the plea

Overcome that political hurdle not yet experienced or won, fight a new battle

It is a fight won by persistence much different from the blood and heartbreak you saw

Call Congress Toll Free at 1-866/727-4894

Ask the operator to connect you to your congressman, then ask the person that answers the call for the name of the staff person that handles Military and POW/MIA matters. Then ask him to have the congressman co-sponsor H. ,Res. 111.

Write your Congressman to the attention of the staff person you spoke with.

Those that have access to a Fax can Fax it, after getting the fax number, to get the letter there immediately, otherwise it takes 10 days to get through screening for bios/chemicals.

Some can call your congressman's staff person first and ask if the congressman has co-sponsored yet H. Res. 111, not H. R. 111. Later phone calls are sometimes effective, no more than one a week, follow up is necessary. Always speak to the staff person that handles military and POW/MIA matters

We need to get this Resolution for a new POW/MIA committee co-sponsored now to get it through allowing time for at least a one year investigation. Do it.

Co-sponsor House Resolution 111

Be part of the solution, make government work for the lost, the abandoned, now is the time
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