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Old 11-30-2005, 07:22 AM
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Cross Glow Lg Clr 2 It Will Be Wild

once upon a time, in a land far away,
i went to a country, where they made me stay.

i was a young man, actually just a kid,
the fear that i felt, as in the dark we hid.

begin to blend in , as the sun went down,
just sit and wait, and see who comes around.

cant have a smoke, couldnt speak a word,
anything we did, could easily be heard.

living in silence, i do it to this day,
then when i do speak, people say no way.

then we hear them coming, they are unaware,
they have no clue, that we are even there.

at just the right moment, no other will do,
set off the claymores, and it kills one or two.

then rake the whole place, empty your clip,
put in another, man what a trip.

everything is silent, after all that sound,
we stay where we are, safe on the ground.

they have gone away, into the heavy mist,
time to count the bodies, add them to the list.

every so often, a thought hits me or you,
they will be waiting, and they have a list too.

we'll be going out, they will be set ,
we wont even know, i guess its what we get.

back and forth, the jungle we will comb,
my enemy and i, just want to go home.

but we will kill eachother, if thats what we were told,
thats why at eighteen , i was already so old.

what a thing to do , to tell a child to kill,
how it changed me, i live with it still.

i changed overnight, like someone flipped a switch,
it happened to us all, so some jerk could get rich.

i heard lots of guys, say what they would do,
not even thinking, that it does stuff to you.

they would kill this, and they would kill that,
they think its cool, like thats where its at.

then they will be men, this is gonna be wild,
but as for me my friend, just let me be the child.

please just let me grow, and later be a man,
let it be natural, do not mess with gods plan.

first your a baby, then a little boy,
just let it be, leave them with thier joy.

the once upon a time, in a land far away,
its still going on, its happening today.

whos going to stop it, this killing of the child,
then youll be a man, and yes, it will be wild..........

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