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Old 01-05-2005, 07:28 AM
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Re: Drean I Never Had

dreams we have, like the truth
do we keeping running from them both?
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Old 01-10-2005, 08:24 AM
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Gone thru and moved all of Steves poems into one thread. Make it a little easier to follow his writtings and the changes that he went thru ~~AJ~~
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Old 01-28-2005, 08:10 AM
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Aaron's War

My son has gone, heís now in a war,
Not here with us, not any more.

Heís now in danger, heís on the line,
Everyone keeps saying, he'll be fine.

But they donít know, not felt the chill,
Itís so different, when its you they kill.

To be in a land, when you are not wanted,
Just the stares, will leave you haunted.

Donít kill my son, this is my plea,
Let him come home, and be with me.

Iím just a dad; itís all I really know,
My boy is cool, heís not your foe.

Heís a daddy, to his own boys,
Cooper and Tanner, his two joys.

Now daddyís gone, and they are alone,
And the sounds of war, have the same tone.

My dad fought, in world war two,
And then I fought, protecting you.

Now again, our countryís riled,
So they took, my only child.

If he dies, if he pays the cost,
A number on the news, my boy I lost.

They report the deaths, in 2s and 3s,
Viet nam again, just missing the trees.

I told my son, to be real careful,
Get close to god, please be prayerful.

My only son, my only little boy,
Please donít kill him, donít take my joy.

If he dies, in this important little war,
Then ill die too, wonít live no more.

30 years later, and its all the same,
Not his war, just a government game.

Then as years, go slowly by,
We will find, it was all a lie.

The war you fought, was not what they said,
Then youíll think back, to all the dead.

Donít like your war, I donít at all,
Donít want my boyís name, on a wall.

I want to hear, I sure love you dad,
Donít take my boy, I'll be too sad.

I want the best for Iraq; I want them free,
But not so much, you can take my boy from me.

Aaronís smart, and as tough as he needs,
Iíve seen him do, some very brave deeds.

When I came home, from the Vietnam game,
Everyone thought, I was still the same.

On the outside, I was just great,
But as for my heart, it was too late.

In the fight, in the smoke youíre chokin,
Somewhere there, my heart was broken.

Thatís my fear, for this son of mine,
Let him come home, and still be fine.

Let him sleep, when he lays down his head,
With no thoughts, of the dead.

Come home Aaron, I want you back,
So please come home, from Iraq.

written by ...steve cliche ...1/28/05
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Old 01-28-2005, 02:32 PM
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Re: Aaron's War

Steve, as I sit here trying to find the right words from what you have written. I can't feel the measure of your dispair. You know that my son died while on active duty, but not to combat and thier is still a void within me. I can only reflect of home when Dana was sent to Nam and the emptiness that was around the house, carefully wording what we said around our Mom, so she would not get upset about Dana in combat, she still went thier often in spirit and prayer.

My nephew is now on his way home, and prayers have been said for him and all the other troops that are in harms way, so with this I will offer my prayers for Aaron and his safe and speedy return home to you and his own sons.
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Old 01-31-2005, 07:34 PM
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Last Man Standing

"Last man standing "

At the end of the day, the battles been won,
Thereís just one thing, needs to be done.

Count your blessings, count every stripe,
Kick on back, and you light up your pipe.

Blowing smoke rings, from the pipe you wield,
Calmly surveying, the bloody battlefield,

What shall we name it, this place of death?
Where so many men, breathed their last breath.

Are you alone, the last man standing,
Thatís not thunder, thereís bombs still landing.

But way in the distance, not here on your field,
This place of honor, where you would not yield.

You take a hit, and the fire begins to glow,
Your battles over, itís all you know.

Looking back, you reflect on their faces,
These young men, who have taken their places.

Thinking of the smiles, when youíd all start to gripe,
Thinking of their faces, while you smoke your pipe.

Whatís been taken, what all have you bought?
Was the cost too much, it seems an awful lot.

Bodies and pieces, as far as you can see,
This is your glory, say this belongs to me.

Mine to keep, for as long as I live,
Just kick back, you have no more to give.

I wonder to myself, how I came through whole,
As I take a hit, from my freshly lit bowl.

Iím feeling better, not as tense as before,
But Iím not there yet, Iíll smoke some more.

Dull the edges, on which I recline,
Smoking a pipe, seems to work fine.

When ever Iím tense, or feeling uptight,
I grab my pipe, and I grab a light.

Take a hit, just a great huge toke,
Then I laugh; this war was a joke.

Times when the memories, seem to have control,
Thatís right my friend, its time for a bowl.

Now Iím fine, and I look out at my boys,
Strewn about, like so many toys.

It does not hurt; itís no big thing,
I can take it, the trouble you bring.

This is my field, and I am demanding,
Show me respect, Iím the last man standing.

written by ...steve cliche...1/31/05
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Old 02-03-2005, 03:40 PM
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Re: In My World

wow u got romance in that heart dont you--not so hard and tuff as u seem--very nice klay
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Old 02-03-2005, 04:07 PM
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Re: Give God the Glory

Mille, by reading what you have written so far. Many times we can be surrounded by all the people in the world, and be more alone than we can imagine. I have removed your 2nd post, like you yourself have said it is a Christian based site.
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Old 02-03-2005, 08:58 PM
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Sea Of Sadness

Iím swimming in a sea of sadness, so this might all sound wet,
Thereís no land in sight, but I mostly tend to forget.

Itís all in the past, with every step you take,
So enjoy the water, the sea not the lake.

But donít drink the water, at least boil it first,
Or your tummy will swell, and it could even burst.

We wouldnít want that, oh no not for you,
But thereís a few others, at least one or two.

Donít know why Iím sad, it came with the storm,
It doesnít bother me; to me itís the norm.

The water shows my feelings, a nice shade of blue,
And thereís this other thing, Iím sad about that too.

Life is a funny thing; it takes up all your time,
Its full of sad tidings, and these I cannot rhyme.

Words like this one; the word is regression,
Iíve had that happen, it deepened my depression.

I want to move forward, but Iíve just slowed my pace,
Thereís only so much, that one man can face.

Iím on a very nice deck, on a really great ship,
Iím a cool guy, guess Iím tragically hip.

Seas of sadness, to sail across,
Passing on by, islands of loss.

Dolphins leaping, in the waves from my tears,
Playing with madness, and a rush of fears.

Iíll just keep going, let the sails fill,
Itís when I stop; itís the same old drill.

I have no destination, I did long ago,
But now I just keep running, no where to go.

There was a day, a family, a time,
But it wasnít for me, and itís not for this rhyme.

written by ...steve cliche....2/3/05
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Old 02-08-2005, 05:57 AM
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Re: Sea Of Sadness

Hang in there bro, I know you see no purpose now, but when you get to heaven God is going to let you in on what all you have been used for... and you have been used ... by God.

He says that if we will concern ourselves with Him, then He will concern Himself with us, and give us the desires of our heart.
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Old 03-03-2005, 10:53 AM
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Re: Steve's poems

Hello Steve, first and foremost, thank you for inviting me to this site. I had gone through all the 15 pages, spending a couple of hours here reading all its contents.. and i have to admit tht not only has most of your poems touched me, they have also given me a better understanding of who you and what a gifted person you are.

In regards to your latest poem, ' SEA OF SADNESS', i have this to say, LIFE has all its ups and downs, as most of us know.. and.. I am sure tht irregardless of where you come from, or who you are, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone. And there will be for you as well... May be not today, may be not tomorrow.. but, your time shall come and thus be happy again.

I am very privileged to have known friends like you.. and i thank you for simply being that wonderful person you are.
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Old 03-03-2005, 12:25 PM
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Re: Steve's poems

Many say LOVE is all they need in life,
And YES... I totally agree,
But LOVE alone would never be enough,
FOr life these days is simply too tough.

I believe LOVE come and go in one's life,
Just as the waves that brushes along the beach,
I have had my fair share of this special gift,
But maybe it was never meant for me to keep.

Thus, time heals, as they say...
But the memories shall never fade away.
Sacrifices I had made,
Were merely all betrayed.

Still, here I am, in search of this thing call LOVE,
Will it ever be enough, to simply be loved?
Nevertheless, life without it shall never be the same,
For, this feeling of love can sometimes makes us insane.

Even so, my dear Steven,
I shall always hope and pray,
That you will be showered with special moments,
Like the once I had, that had gone astray. ( lol)

Though, there were sadness and tears,
But looking back, I have never feared,
For I know, the day shall come...
When I will have that tingling feeling all over again.

Dear Steven, I am not a poet..(lol) as you can see, but this is written from the heart specially for you... suz.
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Old 04-24-2009, 08:40 PM
Richard G. Shuster
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Re: Steve's poems


Welcome Home Brother and thanks for sharing your expressions here on Point Man Ministries. I appreciate your perspectives and candor.

Rick Shuster
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