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Old 06-07-2004, 08:26 AM
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Steve's poems

When i was a child, with childrens thoughts,
was sent to a pleace, where everything rots


i was a kid, wasn't quite grown
but that's where i went, all on my own


next i knew, i was just there,
not long at all, and i didn't care


this rotting place, of which i speak
to this day, it makes me weak


it's in my dreams, if i sleep at night
at times i cant, try as i might


it wasn't the people, or what they did
it was the memory, of killing that kid


it wasn't the blood, so freely spilled
it was the kid, that we killed


never told a soul, about that child
but it's in my head, where it was filed


i've brought it out, just for this writing
it's so very sad, all of that fighting


childrens lives, so quickly gone
and the fighting, kept just going on and on


i'm so sorry, for what i did
and oh, bye the way, i was the kid

................................by : Steven A. Cliche
...............................around 9 pm, 6/25/04
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Old 06-07-2004, 09:19 AM
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Did I Ever Sleep

central highlands, mountains so steep
i can't remember, did i ever sleep

i can remember, nights of rain
what can i do to remove this stain

ray was there, one of my guys
but did i ever shut my eyes

we spent our time , on drugs, so cheap,
but tell me, did i ever sleep

heroine for nothing, and weed even cheaper,
and those highland mountains, seemed to get steeper

i saved my life, others sold theirs cheap,
but i just cant remember, did i sleep

i remember guard duty, the time spent alone
the things we did, things we were shown

even on drugs, we were still there....
just doing our job, we just didn't care

forgot about home, that was their deal,..
these lonley nights were all that was real

what was real to us, was that we couldn't win
and as far as camp holloway, they wanted in

it was that piece of dirt, we fought to keep
and it blows my mind ...... did i ever sleep

even in war, while doing your duty
there seems to be, a strange sort of beauty

have you ever seen tracers, their light
or a flare floating down on a vietnam night

the beauty was there, even in war
the strange thing is, i want to see more

the beauty of nam, the memories i keep
but i still want to know .....................
.................................did i ever sleep
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Old 06-09-2004, 09:59 AM
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Age 51

AGE 51

I'm sitting here thinkin'
at age 51
when I was 18
I carried a gun.

I did it then
for the same reasons as now,
don't be trusting
not with people anyhow

they let you down
whatever they say
and you can't let them in
... no way

So, I stay on alert
always on guard
it's just life now
not even hard

If we follow the laws
and we do not arm
then its my fault
if i come to harm

I learned this in country
I'm talkin of Nam
so when I go out
I'm pretty calm

If you're thinkin'
of causin' some pain
I'll blow you away
without any strain

Wear a peace sign
to remind me to love
but use your brains
given from above.

I learned at 18
to not trust a soul,
or you'll be the one
wearin' a hole.

I'm not a coward
I'll kick some butt
but I'm keepin' my gun
no matter what

For you who think
I'm doing wrong
who really cares
hand me my bong

yes I said bong
and I dont even care
and I'm 51
and I still have long hair

I think Nam
gave me a tude
but I'm really trying
to be a good dude

so get on my nerves
say some mean crap
but if you touch me
I'm going to snap

I'll bring you down
one way or another
with a bit of respect
I'll be your brother

and I'll never tell
oh no not me
was taught not to snitch
it's just not to be

yep, I'm 51
and still carry a gun
and at my house
i dont use 9-1-1

I'll take care of it here
right here on the spot
screw with this vet
and you'll get what you got

I really like that
last line i wrote
and I'll end this warning
on that note

.................................................. .written by steven a. cliche 6/8/2004
.................................................. .....live in peace, with God, my brothers


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Old 06-10-2004, 01:39 PM
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Cross Glow Lg Clr 2 My Brother Steve

Brothers forever ... forever brothers
it has nothing to do with our mothers.
We share the same blood, this is true,
but that is something we chose to do.

It happened one day, 30 years ago
with a small cut ~ he was my bro.
You ever think, while we were away
there were some bros, who had to stay?

Our best friends, like me and Steve
my friend I left, for the madness they weave.
We were never apart, we were best friends
and we will be, till our lives end.

But, the government tore us apart,
sent me to Nam, just for a start.
I left ~ and Steve had to stay
No more childhood ~ No more play.

He was the guy, my friend at home,
he's still my friend; the father of Nome.
But during that time when i was in war
me and steve, were together no more.

That really sucked, he was my bro
and he wasn't a vet; he didn't know
that his bro was gone, the empty place
and he was pretty used to my ugly face.

Not too popular, we backed each other
Steve Sorace, he was my brother.
I'd run away, I'd stay at his place
remember the day he kicked face.

That was a guy who wanted to fight
then Steve kicked him ~ oh just right.
Well that was over before it began,
we walked away - He was the man!

We weren't popular, except with the chicks,
sometimes we'd trade, just for kicks.
I tell you this for a reason
cause of Nam - it ended for a season.

So when you look at a vet, and call him bro
remember your friends who didn't go.
of all the vets, that i know
Steve Sorace, is still my bro.

I write this poem in his praise,
he's been my bro, all his days.
Always my friend, never had to beg;
OH YEAH one day he pee'd on my leg!

It was an accident; that's what he said,
and I'll tell him what he ate ~ when I'm dead.
It was in his food, just a little taste,
maybe a pinch ~~~~~~~ of body waste !

No, not really, ... I'd never do that
too much respect, that where that's at
but i did pay him back, that's how it goes,
~~~~~ What i did, no one knows ~~~~~

in memory of my friend .........Steve Sorace he aint dead yet!

written by : Steven Cliche .... 6/9/04


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Old 06-14-2004, 05:58 AM
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China White

Were there drugs in Nam? Oh just a bit.
Was there two days, took my first hit.
Want a kilo? Mama san can do.
She will get that weed for you.

Oj's were kool, buck fifty a carton
as for drugs ~ we were just startin'.
Stop at any house, give them your request
A minute later you are holdin' the best.

Drugs in Nam? Oh I'd say so
Pure from China, White as snow.
Cheap too, so you can buy a lot.
Pure China White, what you just bought.

You had to be careful, you could get hooked,
but really who didn't ~ don't give me that look.
I was at war and that's how we fought it
I knew it was addicting, that's why i bought it.

All the cool guys were all on smack
we had never heard of a thing called crack.
one day, when I was rolling this joint
I can't remember what was my point?

Oh yeah, when i was rolling this joint
added China White, that was my point.

Well that was a mistake, cause I liked my weed
but the china white, I learned to need.
yeat that's how i fought in the war
buyin drugs like from a candy store.

Was there drugs in Nam? yea just a bit
and every bit was really good chit.
you did it too, so don't be a phony.
you know what I mean, you rode the white pony.

From early in the morning till way at night
gettin' high with my bro's on pure china white.
Never see the pictures in any of the books
but we all got high, even the cooks.

Like the newbie who brought in the LSD
and you wondered why we were still up at three.
Just five hundred hits of purple haze
On guard that night, I was a bit dazed.

But would we run out? Would he fail?
Oh hell no ~ more comin' in the mail.
bringin' it in, and we all sent it home.
That's why I'm writing this silly poem.

Someone had to say it, So I guess it's me.
all that heroine, almost for free.
We've heard of, love you long time
but I'm talkin' drugs in this here rhyme.

Best shape of my life at one eighty five
One year later, I was barely alive.
Now I'm not bitchin' It was really very cool
but at one thirty, I looked like a fool.

You folks at home, were doin' it too
It's just at Nam, we had a menu
I'll have the special, with a side of that
On this diet, I'll never be fat.

You know what i mean, you who were there
out on guard duty, wearin' that stare
really scared at first, when we'd get hit.
but mortars are cool ~ when on the good ****.

Fighting a war, stoned to the gills
keepin' track of death, and how many kills.
I quit the drugs, when i finally came back
as for the kills, I never kept track.

That was your job, you who were straight
as for the kills, that was just fate.
Oh yea, we sure did some dope
that's what you do when you run out of hope.
do you think less of me now that I spoke?
and do I care? It was all a big joke.
You caught the bad guys, in the war that was
we did too. after our buzz............Oh yea

Written by steve cliche 6/11/04 title .... China White


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Old 06-15-2004, 11:56 AM
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Here We Go Again

Here we go again ....

I'll try to be quiet, tonight when I dream,
I'm really gonna try, not to scream.

Go into it slow, think about my next move
get right into, my nightmare groove.

Yeah, that's it, I'll take control
I'll take back the time they stole.

It will be a good dream, I've had a few
like the one I had in ninteen ninty two.

I was on my bike, I had a great life
My son was alive , I had my wife.

If I can tonight, I'll have that dream
but really my goal, is just not to scream.

I don't dream, but if I do
it's usually not good, those have been few.

Mostly when I dream, it's all so desperate
but after war, that's what you get.

It's OK ~ I'm used to it all
Wish I could dream of just a bad fall.

I've heard of people, who dream of dyeing
that's for daytime, I aint lying.

But just for once, I'm taking it back,
this night's dream, I'll keep on track.

I'm in control, I'll call the shots.
I'll have good dreams, I'll have lots.

Yea that's it, I'm the one in charge
hope I dont dream, of when they blew away sarge.

Nope not tonight, not one doubt
not one peep, not one shout.

sleep like a baby, no bad dreams
this will be cool, or so it seems.

I could wake up screaming, for lack of a nightmare,
look at my eyes, look at that stare.

Too many dreams, not enough good
I dont want to dream, of where they once stood.

All of my brothers, I left overseas
fighting the dinks, the Vietnamese.

So goodnight to you all, I'm off to bed
pray for the thoughts already in my head.

here we go again .....
written by steven cliche ....6/14/04
before bed ......

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Old 06-17-2004, 01:34 PM
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You Just Can't Figure

Why do cows stand and moo?
We could do it, me and you.

I choose not to, think it's silly,
why are goats, always called billy?

But those cows, who stand and moo,
can't figure it out, haven't a clue.

don't they know how funny they sound?
moo moo moo, as they stand around.

we should put a cow at all crosswalks,
I guess the mooing is how a cow talks.

but for some reason, it gets on my nerves
put them to work, it's what she deserves.

In Nam I did one year, started on two
Oh yea, they also had cows who went moo.

Just because of that line this will go on the site,
put dale to work, try as I might .....lol

speaking of dallee, oh and I will
she posts my poems, then sends me a bill.

I said dallee, why do you charge?
she said pay up, you ain't that large.

back to the cows, and they are a pain.
and why do they stand out in the rain?

seems so stupid, really not smart
and stop all that mooing, just for a start.

I'm sick of the sound, of all that mooing,
what do cows think , that they are dooing?

You don't see me, in a field doing that,
unless I'm high, and that's where I'm at.

One night long ago, under a starry sky,
i did an experiment, I got a cow high.

We talked all night, me and that cow
she wasn't so bad, a good talk anyow.

I was talking, while she ate clover
before I left, I pushed her over.

You're probably wonering why the intest in a cow,
well it's pronbably because, I am high right now.

You vets take it easy, you are my brothers,
and as for cows, yes they have mothers.

that line was to insure, dallee has to post this
she'll send me a bill, that she won't miss.

wow this was long, and I don't know how.
I just had a question, about a cow

Ok I'm done, I'll end this now
You just can't figure, a ding dang cow
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Old 06-18-2004, 05:28 PM
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Send Me Back

Send me back....
Dark nights, of a time long ago, seemingly over, and yet circumstances prevent a real ending. We are what we have become, unable to be anything more than what was put into us. Filled like a jar of clay, to the top, heated in an oven, then used, for purposes not of our own choosing, just a total waste of our true potential, robbed of the life we could have been a part of.

Now we sit on the proverbial shelf, no longer needed, just an object of a distant past, leaving in our wake ~ nothing ~ just a wet mark from the tears of a broken cup, no longer able to perform our intended duty. We sit and wait, for an end that was ours so long ago, waiting for the curtain to drop on the last scene, to be forgotten, cleaned up, disposed of, but at least an ending.

Send me back, to where it began, and where after seemingly endless months, I lost my mind, my heart, my smile. Let me at least go back, let me be able to walk those highland mountians once more. They call to me like a lover, in a broken relationship, wanting to make up, needing the familiar. The desire is ours to be shared, leave me there. I will find that village and sit quietly, like the papa sans i so admired. Letting the world just be, knowing in my wisdom, that it is an ever changing world. Knowing that my calmness will help more than aggressive language directed at people no longer listening. I will be the voice of reason. I will pass on to the young the bits of light I have gleaned from an otherwise very dark world.

Help me to go back. I have a job to do, one never finished, always nagging at the back of my mind, things I left undone, things I destroyed that need my time, my willingness to repair damage ~ damage inflicted by calouse, selfish, but careful planning.... I was there, I was so wrong. I went to such lengths to say no, and they just ignored my tears, my pain, my sorrow. I was a feeling, caring person, but now, it's so different, so not me, I've never been me the whole time I was there. There is where I still am. Help me to go back, help me

written by ....... steve cliche 6/17/04

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Old 06-18-2004, 06:37 PM
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13 Sweet Nice Vietnam

When I think of Nam, it reminds me of candy
I think the whole war, was just very dandy.

Happy little faces, all in a row
wow this is great, I want to go.

Toys in my bunker, and lots of soft stuff
little whispy clouds ~ little balls of fluff.

Bullets flying by, Oh no ~ Oh my
gee whiz this is fun, ain't no lie.

All the children running at play
Oh can I stay, just one more day?

This so sweet, so fun and light hearted,
Ouch I was shot, that really smarted.

Oh my, I think I broke a nail
I'm just glad we're on this cute trail.

As I take aim, as they aim at you,
all I thought was what would jesus do?

but lets not get ugly, lets keep it lighthearted,
ouch, gee whiz, that bullet really smarted.

But that's ok, it's still lots of fun
I get to play, and I have this cool gun.

Vietnam was so sweet, just like candy,
look a grenade, that could be handy.

All I saw was butterflys, floating by my head
In this happy place, there is no dead.

Lets not talk, about that silly truth
lets talk about sodas in a happy little booth.

Boy war's fun, I like it a lot
look at the smiles, look what we got.

Yippie, oh boy! this is so great
Nam again ~ oh my, I can't wait.

A happy little place, where Jesus lives.
look a bubble, hey what gives?

The enemy's blowin bubbles, isn't that sweet
one just popped, right by my feet.

I'm really sorry if my writings did offend,
As you can see I am willing to bend.

I'll just write about the fun that we all had
all the sweet stuff, not the bad.

I'll keep it lighthearted, I'll only write fluff
in Vietnam that was enough.

Tra la la, dum dee dum
Hey Charlie, want some gum?

As I skipped down the trail, holding my gun,
I thought to myself, man this is fun.

la la la, dum dee dee
won't you come, play with me?

We will chase Chuck and then we will hide
We'll find a Pony, and take a short ride.

When I was in Nam I never knew the Lord,
He's in me now so I'm never bored.

Oh my I've just stepped in some grease
Jesus is where this vet finds peace.

But lets be lighthearted, lets talk of the joy
m 16's make really cool toys.

bang bang, pow pow, this is a blast
I hope my tour really last.

Yes I met Jesus, when I got home
so now all I say is la la la shalom.

Vietnam what a sweet place
and then it was gone without a trace.

It was so fun, like disneyland,
me and charlie, hand in hand.

"Hey Chuck, Lets ride that ride"
"Ok Steve", with joy he cried.

"Do you know Jesus?" I say to Chuck
"Why no Steve, all I have is my luck."

If I offened anyone on this site,
I'm really sorry, I'll keep it light.

When I write about Nam, I get carried away
But that's all stopped, as of today.

Now when I speak, I'll try to be fun
very lighthearted, like ummm, this one.

written by .... steven cliche ... 6/18/04

I really am sorry if I offended anyone... I wrote a few poems before I even knew this was a Christian site
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Old 06-19-2004, 10:31 AM
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Confused We Used To Talk

Well now lets see, how are you guys?
Over thirty years since you were in my eyes.

We used to be tight, an everyday thing,
and I remember, you could not sing.

I'd tell you about home, you'd tell about yours,
We'd sit in a ville, as the monsoon pours.

You probably got sick of hearing about me
one day at a time, till we could be free.

I still have the calender, marked off the days,
you told me of life, your Indiana ways.

I spoke of Frisco, how wild it was,
guard duty at night, is what we does.

Supposed to sleep in shifts, we'd stay awake
talk about home, out on the lake.

We weren't scared, at least you weren't.
but I could tell you were gettin burnt.

I knew I was, I saw it in your eyes
We were both dying, never voiced the cries.

So we talked of stuff, that took us away
make it tonight, mark another day.

Now we don't speak, then we sure did.
You were young, I was a kid.

You're not with me like it was before
we never got used, to the blood and gore.

Ruin peoples lives, we didn't even know
the Vietnamese, our hopes were low.

Now we don't talk, not one word
your whole life is what I heard.

...how your wife had a speach defect,
I'd listen to her tapes, what the heck.

Did I ever tell you, understood not a word?
but you got to talk, lonliness cured.

I left before you, did you make it back?
we never speak, I don't know jack.

Did you know, I lost my wife?
the one I had while riskin' my life.

My son who was born, while I was in Nam
We smoked a cigar, tried to stay calm.

Well my brother, my son is gone too
he died way before, me or you.

Where are you brother, I need to talk,
but I'm all locked up, a real big lock.

I never speak a word, go to bed at night,
as I lay there, I leave on the light.

Yea my brother, I'm finally scared,
all that stuff, that we shared.

Way back then, when we said goodbye,
as I flew away, did you see me cry?

Yea I cried, but just for a while,
I was goin' home, mile after mile.

Hope you're at home, with a new grandchild,
all our words, I still have them filed.

Tell the baby, I said Hello,
Ok brother, I got to go.

written by steve cliche ......... 6/17/04

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Old 06-19-2004, 08:22 PM
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God Bless AJ...

I'm writing this for aj, he's a pal of mine,
he likes my poems, I think he's fine.

Told me, that he'd like to see more,
I said to aj, whatever for?

he said he likes my work, my use of words,
I told aj, yea, I like birds.

He wrote back, said he didn't get it,
too late bro, the fire's been lit.

So I'm writing this for aj, my good bud,
it won't be dirty, there won't be mud.

This one bro, even you can relate,
I'm here now bro, must be fate.

I'm glad you like, the things I write,
I think that, is totally out of sight.

That means good aj, in case you didn't know,
so here comes the poem, here we go.

On a dark starry night, I sit and I stare,
I can't see a thing, send up a flare.

Slowly floating, till it's so very low,
how many hours, do I have to go?

I spend so much time, here in the shade,
In the dark part, of the day God made.

I'm watching the perimeter, so you all can sleep,
trying to be quiet, stakes are steep.

If Charlie hears me, and he gets my mark,
I'll be killed, here in the dark.

I'm sick from it all, too much stress,
I'm only 18, and I'm in this mess.

It's always dark, when I go to work,
can't see a thing, in this darkness and murk.

Sick from the worry, I'm too young to die,
but this is my life, and I ask why?

My friends are at home, foolin around I bet,
now I have these guys, that I've met.

Funny the bond, that I feel for you guys,
remember the poem, about all the lies?

OK, back to guard duty, must be alert.
This ok aj? there aint no dirt.

I'm just writing about all this beauty,
like that red flare, I'm doing my duty.

We got hit last night, they sure wanted in,
killed two guys, wounded about ten.

They 1st sent in mortars, and a rocket or two,
But sleep tonight, I'm watching for you.

If I die, before you wake,
I pray the Lord my soul does take.

Let me go home, to my life I knew,
but for now, I'm guarding you.

Not the best soldier, never said I was,
but I'm ok, just because.

So I'll sit here watchin' in this night.
I'm just 18, can this be right?

If I have kids, when I'm much older,
I'll let them play, and cry on my shoulder.

But I'll never give permission, for them to go,
to a land of darkness, don't you know.

aj, this poem was for you,
i hope you like it, I really do.

I know right now. your printin' it out,
I'm only 18, I say with a shout.

Sorry aj, for startin to shout,
having a hard time, just bummed out.

Ok I'm done, I won't say no more,
I dont even know, what I'm writing this for.

Oh yea, I remember, why I'm writing today,
I'm doing it for kicks, and good old AJ.

written by steven cliche .... 6/19/04

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Old 06-20-2004, 11:17 PM
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Cross Glow Sm Clr My Salvation

My Salvation

Remember one thing, when I am writing
you're not me, I bet that's exciting.

It's Sunday today, and it's Father's Day.
I'll praise God, in my own way.

I'll give Him the honor, I'll give God the praise,
He's blessed my life, in so many ways.

When my eyes open, I speak to Him,
the chances of stopping are very slim.

I've loved God, seems all of my life,
no offense Lord, could of done without the wife.

God is my father, on this fine holiday
and ty Father, for Jesus I say.

I love your son, I praise His name,
paid the price, for my sin and shame.

So meek, so mild, this was Jesus
it was all done, just to please us.

To give us access, to heaven above
because of you, I enjoy God's love.

I think at times, when God looks at me,
He just shakes His head, and says let it be.

So at times, believe it or not,
I shut up, and appreciate what I got.

What I have is my salvation
and I pass on this information.

I tell people what Jesus said to do,
and like now, I'm telling you.

Get to know God, learn from His son,
God had a plan, and now it is done.

Jesus was the one who paid for your sin,
if you believe, you are now in.

I love to wake up, and know that I'm saved
and only God knows, of how I've behaved.

We see each other, with eyes so clear,
but God sees our hearts, so I let Him steer.

If God tells me, that I need to change,
that's when I do, and I rearrange.

I'll stop doing that, I'll start doing this
cause my walk with God, I'd dearly miss.

For God so loved the world, that you and me,
just believe in His son, you too will be free.

As life passes by, and you start to get old,
don't wait too long, try to be bold.

For I am not ashamed, of the gospel of Christ,
by my Father in heaven, I've been inticed.

Come my son, come here to me
believe in my son, and you'll be free.

It's all worked out, it's been taken care of
it was done for you, it was done with love.

Happy Father's Day Lord, thank you so much,
for my salvation, for your loving touch.

One more thing that needs to be said,
I'm getting low, on the hairs on my head.

I know you know, exactly how many,
but if this keeps up, I won't have any.

written by ........ steve cliche ...... 6/20/04

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Old 06-22-2004, 08:52 AM
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That Smell

That smell

That smell, it will always be a part of my life, not a bad smell, just very, very different
~ it smelled like ... Viet Nam.
Within days it was gone, gotten used to, not different at all, it was the jungles, their food
~ their lives ... Viet Nam.
I was fascinated: with the place; the people; they also were so different, and again
~ they were ... Viet Nam.

I liked them from the first day, as I drove through the gate, they were there: selling; living'
~ being ... Viet Nam
A very respectful people, very clean, everything about them was blowing my mind.
~ so this was ... Viet Nam.
It was all they knew, all they had ever known, it seemed like a movie set, but it wasnt, Oh no
~ it was ... Viet Nam.

The smell went away, but the unreal part of it all remained, so different from what I'd ever known,
~ ... Viet Nam.
Lee, Ty, and Young, I was 18, they were 16, so I was the man, they were my friends,
~ they were born in ... Viet Nam.
I believe they are dead now, they could not wait to go into the army, it was what you did,
~ at least in ... Viet Nam.

Myself, I did not EVER like the military, not ever, I would have never made it in the states,
~ awwwww but ... Viet Nam.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

I was a man, I was me, they were never able to break me, I never gave in to it all
~ I was glad I was in ... Viet Nam.
not the war, not the death, but if I had to be in the United States army, then by all means,
~ let me be in ... Viet Nam.
We all hated what we had to do, we hated what it did to us, we hated the war
~ would not have missed ... Viet Nam.

Small islands dotting the coast, fishing villiages, so complete, so well established
~ this was ... Viet Nam.
To walk into the jungle, with nothing but a knife, and step back out with a working crossbow
~ ... Viet Nam.
To wake up with clear skies, a moment later, your world has been turned into a raging river
~ this too ... Viet Nam.

They didn't understand us, our openess, our total lack of respect, I mean after all
~ it was their ... Viet Nam
Well it was not a movie set, it was oh so real, it was so very different
~ it was part of our lives ... Viet Nam.
I'll never forget it, all those nights on that perimeter, I know how it is, I know very well
~ the night in ... Viet Nam.
and I will never forget as my days ticked off, I'll never forget how cool it was to get on that plane
~ leaving ... Viet Nam

written by: steven cliche ... 6/21/04


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Old 06-22-2004, 11:50 AM
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Banghead Eat Your Jell-O Bro's.

A Viet Nam vet, with blood in his eyes
his mind ever more filled with the cries
of the people we hurt, and the pain that we leave
and all of those people we left to grieve.

And a Viet Nam vet, with the blood in his eyes
wants to sleep, but still hears the cries,
the cries of their people, and the screams of our own
and he got off the plane, and he stood there alone.

There's the Viet Nam vet, with the blood in his eyes
he never came home, he still hears the cries
and he remembers his brothers
and the looks in their eyes.

So the Viet Nam vet, with the blood in his eyes
he looks for peace, that is his prize
he remembers back, when he's able to dare
and he looks around, just to compare.

Now the Viet Nam vet, with the blood in his eyes
he sits all alone, now it's him that cries
and now he's old, and it's all the same
in his mind it's just such a shame.

If you see a vet, with that blood in his eyes
just know that it's hard, and know that he tries
the result of war, it's what you get
so if there's blood in his eyes, he's a Viet Nam vet.

Wow that was heavy
too heavy for me
just wantin' peace
can't you see?

Way too hard, I'm lookin' more for mellow
this Viet Nam vet, sure loves his Jell-O!

Eat your Jello Bro's.

written by: steve cliche ... 6/21/04


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Old 06-22-2004, 02:39 PM
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My Employee

I'm freaking out, this is getting scary
I looked in my ears, it's getting kinda hairy.

It's really strange, this getting older
but one good part, I'm getting bolder.

I say what I feel, I don't hold back
was really closed up, now I just yak.

Say things, I never would have said
whatever happens to come to my head

Like did you know, that I'm a Viet Nam vet?
and when I shower, I get wet.

Yeah, it's true; I get soaking wet
I have teeth, a complete set.

I like women; I mean a lot
it's one thing, that I ain't got.

But I'm looking, everywhere I go
some look back, don't you know.

Hey this is great; I'm speaking my mind
as for the woman, one I will find.

And she will be pretty, and sweet to me
aye lass, I love your knee.

But cover them up, we're going out
modesty, that's what it's about.

I can now say, that it's all been fun
like riding my bike, yes I have one.

I have a Harley, and there is no dirt
I have a bike, not just the shirt.

Guys now days go buy a leather vest
wear the shirt, think their the best.

Real bikers, think back to your past
when we were hated, that was a blast.

We'd pull up, with a police escort
they were there, just for the sport.

Yep, I say whatever I like
like what I said about my bike.

Then there's my hair, I keep it long
get over it, like that eagles song.

Ladies like it, they cut me slack
some say it's pretty, but just from the back ... lol.

I'm really liking this talking thing
maybe next, I'll start to sing.

I'm just kidding, I won't sing
that sort of pain, I won't bring.

But don't tell me, that I cannot
if you do, you'll get what you got!

Oh Yeah, then I will sing,
just because I do my own thing.

Let's see, what else can I say?
Oh, I know, I did it my way!

Hey that's a song, that's kinda cool
I won't sing, I won't be cruel.

But I'll say what I feel, oh yes,
what I say next, I'll let you guess.

Should I end this poem, is it done?
I think it is, here's another one.

My employee, she'd like to quit
she post's my poem's, she's thowing a fit.

I write a poem, every single day
I guess I have a lot to say.

I'm not Shakespeare; I'm not a poet
but I say what I want, and you know it.

Like this one here, it's gotten quite long
I'm a tinkling cymbal; I'm a booming gong.

My employee don't care, shes says go ahead
I'm just wondering, does she want me dead?

This is my poem, I hope you don't swipe it
I wrote this line, just so she'll type it.

If you think this is strange, I think you might
then check out my art, go to my site.

I draw a lot, every single day
it's my site, I'm steve cliche.

written by: steve cliche ... lol .... 6/22/04

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Old 06-22-2004, 09:39 PM
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Cross Glow Lg Clr 2 Give God the Glory

I'm writing this story, of a long time ago
it's really where you've been, not where you know
oh you can go, and you can spend time
but thirty years later, can you make it all rhyme?

This has been the strangest life, for me anyway
the only one I've had, up to today
I might have had more, I really can't tell
but this one's a trip, I'm here to tell.

When I was 16, I went away
seven and a half months, that's a long stay.
It was in California, and I punched a feller
to darn bad it was Sgt Reller.

Pleasant Hill police dept. , I got him in the nose
Steve hit a cop: Off he goes!
When I got out, I had no car,
so Steve and I, stole us a car.

Went to L A, got there real quick
see we were on speed, smokin' thai stick.
I took Darla, Steve took Cris
we got them both pregnant: we never miss.

I'm going back to jail, got to stay calm
Hey, I know, I'll go to Nam.
Well that idea sucked ... really big time
should of went to jail, for my crime.

But there I was, 10,000 miles away
118 in the shade, have a nice stay
so in a strange sort of way, I paid for my crime
Oh man, did I do some time.

Ah, but then I came home, and I bought me a home
I'm settled down, no more to roam
two boys, and 17 years
and she walked out, left me in tears

I got the boys, and I had this big bike
so I joined a motor cycle club, with guys that i like.
That was preety cool, had lots of fun
ran with bad dudes, carried my gun.

But I'd grown wiser, I looked at my life
I ain't going to jail, over my ex-wife
so I backed out, of the whole lifestyle
it's been that way for quite a while.

No more cops, no more jail
my biggest thrill is checking my mail
that's ok, I don't mind a bit
I can go outside and decide where to sit.

It's the simple things, that mean the most
like gettin' up, and makin' toast
talking to Cooper, my grandson
and now Aaron and Angie gave me another one.

His name is Tanner, I hear him cry on the phone
I live in the mountains, and I'm all alone
but it's ok, I've had a good life
I've even gotten over that crazy ex-wife.

Well now you know, a part of my story
I'm still here, I give God the glory
oh yes, didn't I mention, that I got saved?
kinda funny, after the way I've behaved.

But I'm just the sort that Jesus died for
I'll praise his name, forever more
My savior, my king, my constant friend
I'll give Him the glory, until my end.

written by: steve cliche ........ 6/22/04

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Old 06-22-2004, 11:39 PM
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Have You Ever Dreamed

Have you ever dreamed of flying, soaring through blue skies, with soft white fluffy clouds drifting by, and then, put the ship in a screaming dive, with every gun blazing, and take out half a villiage, in a single pass?

Or, gliding along through those peaceful blue skies, like it could go on forever, one whispy cloud after another, floating by, and then, diving down low, shooting through the air, as you totally unload on a line of unsuspecting enemy troops?

The clouds seem so soft, and yet firm enough to step out onto it's surface, and just walk, and then charging forward, with a chilling scream, thrusting your freshly sharpened bayonet completly through a charging enemy.

As you walk, you often wonder, how or where could there be a more peaceful place, what could give more pleasure than this, nothing, unless maybe you could pull out a frag, and take out the whole place, a massive explosion, destroying the entire area.

It's nice here, I think I'll stay, just kick back, relax, enjoy the serenity, till I get the urge to take my rifle, insert a fresh clip, and then just go to town, rockin and rollin, kill em all, let God sort them out.

Yeah this is cool, finally no worries, everything in it's place, set to be as enjoyable as it can be, put here for our pleasure, like a claymore, set to take out the enemy at about waist level, tearing his legs out from under him.

This is awesome, I never want to leave, it's where I belong, where I choose to be, till the clouds break up, and I take a head long plunge, screaming toward the earth, where I explode into a bloody mist.

I'm just kidding, go ahead and enjoy the image of the blue skies, the clouds, drifting, the image I have described, just relax, ..... but ..... remember, I could walk up behind you, and choke the very life out of you.

just kidding ...... I am kidding ain't I?????

written by: steve cliche ... 6/22/04

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Old 06-23-2004, 09:40 AM
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Dog My Grandson

My Grandson

Cooperís so great, there is no other
he even gets credit for his new little brother.

Certainly not his dad, or his mother
Cooper's the reason for the other.

We will love the other, he'll be the same
but Cooper made it happen, he gets the fame.

Cause, if he wasnít so cute, if he wasnít so cool
they wouldnít have the other ~ why only a fool...

We all love Cooper, he is the best
thatís why mom and dad made a new nest.

All the credit, all the fame
it all goes to him, Coopers his name.

So if they expected praise, just for mating well
Cooper gets the credit, Iím here to tell.

But we'll all love Cooper's brother
oh yeah, we'll all love the other ...

But give Cooper the credit
not his dad or his mother.

Way to go Cooper....love dampa
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Old 06-23-2004, 05:00 PM
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08 Rules for "Non Masters"

Rules for "Non Masters"

Whatever you do, take care of the master.
If at all possible, do it even faster.

Is he hungry, has he ben fed?
Run get his slippers, turn down his bed.

Run, do it now, don't be slow,
You're serving the master, don't you know.

You're like the mold, he's the head cheese,
Learn to serve, always to please.

So lets get a move on, go fix his plate,
When feeding the master, don't make him wait.

His friends have arrived, masters one and all,
So all of you non masters, lets get on the ball.

Humbly say hello; make sure they are greeted,
Don't think of you; make sure they are seated.

Do your job, just try your best,
As for serving the master, you'll learn the rest.

Never argue, why even fight.
When it's quite well known, the master is right.

With that tiny brain, the size of a pea,
Let the master decide, and right he will be.

A few little chores, to avoid disaster,
Care for the kids, but serve the master.

Don't take this wrong, my little greeting,
This talk of masters, and all of their seating.

I better go, this reminder is done,
Go serve the master, then you have some fun.

written by: ummmmmm.....steve cliche ???...
If I had any women fans, I'm just kidding.....(sorta)


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Old 06-23-2004, 05:34 PM
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Cross Glow Sm Clr Do You Feel the Breeze?

The Breeze

I watched God today, He was in the wind, in the trees
I walked in His spirit, and fell to my knees
I bowed my head, and spoke to my father
He took time to listen, and I was no bother

We spoke of the times, I didn't do right
The Lord just forgave me, I thought that He might
We have this deal, and it works really well
Whenever I sin, He forgives what I tell

I try not to sin, and God tries to please us
My mistakes have been paid for, by God's son, Jesus
I love my father, and He loves me
and what Jesus did, has set me free

I read God's word, and I love to hear it
It gives me peace, and comforts my spirit
Do you feel God's power, can you feel the breeze
Are you loving God, are you down on your knees

I pray that you are, it's a great place to be
Man what a gift, and it's totally free
He didn't have to do it, but He's a God of love
He became one of us, came down from above

We did not love Him; we were full of doubt
The tomb is empty, they said with a shout
He died on a cros, He said it is done
Believe in me, I am God's son

Oh what caring, man what a love
He's waiting on us, He's our God up above

Do you feel the breeze?

written by: steve cliche ....6/22/04

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