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Old 05-23-2009, 02:34 AM
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Mia formosa 1958

This is not your regular poem......please remember these men missing since 1958.

On Easter Sunday, 2004, I was contemplating my upcoming trip to DC and the ride with The Run For The Wall and Rolling Thunder folks. I got to thinking about 1 October 1958 and the folks from the Taiwan Straits that are still not acknowledged as POW/MIA. I wrote the following poem on that day with the intention of leaving a copy at The Wall in DC. "Nam" wasn't the only "war" that had folks still missing. I don't think I've shared this with either of you and I only do it now because that day in October '58 still hangs heavy in my heart - - plus I feel each of you will understand why I feel I must share.
April 11, 2004


These are but labels given,
From too many wars.
Post the names for all to view
But for the Grace of God,
It could be me - it could be you.

Wake up America, some still are not home
They're out there somewhere, oh so alone.
So many are out there, we know not where
We're riding for those that can't, because we care.

We call them POW/MIA - KIA/BNRs, but each has a name.
For this Nation to forget them is this Nation's shame.
You can't ignore them or push them away
So bet your sweet ass, we're here to stay.

Some you admit are unaccounted for
Yet some are written off and given BNR.
Some of us know better, their faces have been seen.
Their captors know also and treat them so mean.

Let us grieve for the lost and those that are dead,
But never forget those among us, still fighting in our head.
Some have missing limbs and lots of scars,
Yet some things are not visible from all those wars.

Why take time to write this verse?
Cause only you can lift this terrible curse.
Come on America, stand strong and tall
Let's be accountable, let's find them all.

Don't call them POW/MIA, KIA/BNRs,
Seek God's guidance and look toward the stars.
Each has a name, there's more than a few,
Bring them all home and give them their due!

Semper Fi,
Edwin E. Mason
Sgt., USMC, '56 - '60
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