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Old 01-19-2012, 05:29 PM
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A prayer for the vet

Lord, remember the Vet who gave up youth, to serve a country that seemed not to care. Help them, Lord, to see that you are there, and that youíve always cared. You know their needs, Lord, for we see with human eyes what is on the outside. You see what is inside. We hear their words, sometimes filled with bitterness and rage. But you, Lord, see the tears that many are afraid to cry.

The popular phrase today is that at last America has been justified, that we can now stand proud, that ĎNam should never have bee. Perhaps, but we sent them. We, who stand with them, know how deep that hurt really goes, that others will not see. It is our shame, Lord, that we ask you to forgive. For there was a time when even those who call themselves by your name, really didnít welcome them. And now wonder why they canít bring them in. Many are locked within the prison of their minds. Only you, Lord, can free them, but our prayers are the keys.

And those who are lost to us, whereabouts unknown except to you. There are no jungles dense enough, or caves dark enough, or oceans deep enough, or governments strong enough to hide them from you. Keep them in your care. What man cannot begin to do is easy for you, so I ask you, Lord, if they still live, send a small light that a flicker of your Spirit might become a flame within their hearts.

And before I close, I lift those up to you who did not serve, but suffer just the same. Theyíre the ones who donít know where those they love may be. Fill their hearts, Lord, with your peace. While others may walk beside that long black wall, and set up tiny flags to flutter in the breeze. They grasp phantoms and know not where to put their grief. So if it be your will, oh Lord, send those missing home, if only, Lord, to sleep.

~ By an Anonymous Author
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