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Prayer Requests Request a special prayer for anyone in need

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Old 12-12-2006, 06:03 PM
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Prayer Fax

Prayer Fax Dec. 12, 2006


1. Staub family - their 16 yr old daugher was killed in an auto accident. Pray that the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit will be upon this family during their time of sorrow.

2. George S - is still in the Portland VA hospital, they did a stint in his artery. But he is still having problems with edema, high blood pressure, kidneys and nausea. Pray for wisdom and direction for the medical staff as they treat him. May God place his healing hand upon George.

3. Recently Vietnam was hit with a severe typhoon. Tiep, our outpost leader there, said that the leper colony that our team rebuilt this summer was destroyed. Pray for the families who lost loved ones, and for direction for the rebuilding. May this be a time of opportunity to share the gospel.

4. Matthew - his young daughter said that the thing she wants most for Christmas is for her father to be healed from alcohol and drugs. May Matthew surrender his life to Jesus, and accept the healing that can be his.

5. Shane E - recently released from jail, and is recently off of heroin addiction. He was in a halfway house, but failed a drug screen and was sent back to jail. Pray for his deliverence, and that he will allow Christ to work in his life.

6. Six sailors from USS Frank Cable, were burned severely in a boiler explosion, and are in the Burn hospital in Texas. Pray for their healing, and for strength and encouragement as they face a long recovery. Also pray for their families.

7. Continue to lift up our military who are hospitalized, and their families. Pray for our servicemen and women across the glove, who are facing a holiday season separated from their families.

As we approach Christmas, my wish for each of you is a fresh glimpse of the Savior. May his love brighten your life, and that we each may radiate his Glory to all those around us. Lord give us a new boldness to share the real Christmas story to every person who will listen. Blessings to each of you for your faithfulness to fast and pray for these requests and many more.
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Old 07-21-2007, 04:04 AM
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Re: Prayer Fax


1. PA National Guardsman who was stabbed in the head by an Iraqi insurgent. He is being evac'd back to the states in a medically induced coma for stability purposes but at last check is able to recall what happend to him, knows who he is, where he is and other pertinent information. Howevr, he is in serious condition.

2. Carmen - who has breast cancer treatment to begin soon. Her Husband Ted is a Viet Nam Vet. Pray for God's healing touch to be upon Carmen, and for peace for both she and her husband.

3. Rupert Harrell is the chaplain for Dave Roever's Evangelistic Association. He has requested prayer for one of his men, he is in serious condition and they don't know if he is going to make it. Also pray for Chaplain Rupert and Dave Roever, as these minister to our soldiers.

4. Derek Bingaman - young man who is having heart problems, he was flown to Children's Hospital with his heart beating at 170. They were able to stablize his heart with medication, continue to pray for his total healing.

5. Va T - is having eye problems and can't see to use her computer. Pray for a healing of her vision.

6. Wendy C - has just been diagnosed with liver cancer. Pray for peace for her and wisdom for the doctors who are treating her. Wendy's parents are Orthodox Jews and don't know Jesus, pray the Holy Spirit will minister to them.

7. Derek - pray for peace for he and his family, they are still dealing with problems from the past hurrican seasons. Many families are still dealing with issues with insurance companies. Pray for God's direction.

8. Pray for a family whose 2 sons were fighting, and another young man intervened and hit the older son in the nose and then put him in a choke hold. He died later, and the young man is being charged with murder. Pray for peace for the families involved and that God's saints will be able to minister to these.

9. Adriana - She was burned 50 % of her body and is being taken from Childrens hospital to A burn center in Boston. It is just a devastating accident . She and her cousin were playing with some lighters and caught her on fire by
accident . Please pray for her and her family.
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Old 10-17-2007, 06:37 PM
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Re: Prayer Fax


1. Pray for Greg, who may have AIDS.

2. praise and prayer request - Vietnam Vet Don Van Nattan, who we counseled with at the Fl reunion is in Miami VA PTSD clinic and has accepted Christ and is conducting Bible studies with other vets. We are sending him Bibles and Pointman in your Pocket. If anyone else has anything the want to send to Don to help, please let me know and I will send you his address. Praise God.

3. Seth - pray for deliverance from drugs & alcohol. Also pray for his learning disablility, that he will be able to get a good job.

4. Mimi - deliverance from the bondage of the occult, and a healing of her mind and spirit.

5. Jerry - pray for his salvation, that God will reveal himself in his fullness, and that his heart will be open.

6. Cable - 4 mos old, his father was walking into the kitchen, and stepped into a wet spot from the dog, and fell. Cable has a fractured scull and is hemorrhaging on one side of he head and Blood clots on the other. Doctors are trying to stop the Bleeding.
Father we ask for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding for the doctors and nurses and that your Holy Spirit Power would release healing and comfort to bring all glory to you in Jesus name.

7. Sandy P - had knee replacement this week, pray for relief from pain, and for a rapid recovery.

8. LIsa B - needs prayer for her son Jimmy, who needs salvation. Also her husband Philip, lost his father & mother within a week. Pray for peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit to be upon this family during this time of grief and loss.

9. Arthur D- The doctors are having a serious problem diagnosing his blackouts. I am also asking for prayer for the Lyons family in God's protection and blessing.

10. Bev K - she is recovering from a mild heart attack, and her mother just fell and fractured her pelvis. Pray for her peace, and provision.

11. Pray for all of our leaders who are planning Veterans Day events, may the Holy Spirit guide, direction and bless all their efforts. May we have a fresh boldness as we reach out in the name of Jesus to the veterans and their families.
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Old 11-16-2007, 09:55 AM
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1. Jack - had surgery yesterday to remove cancerous kidney. Pray for a rapid and total healing for him, peace and comfort.

2. Pat L - son in law is scheduled to be shipped out to Iraq. Pray for his protection, and peace for his family.

3. Tim & Carrie: Restoration of their family.

4. Krystal & Paul: Expecting twins in April please pray for healthy babies

5. Rachel & Randy: Also expecting twins in April please pray for healthy babies

6. Ashlee: Expecting a son in April please pray for a healthy baby

7. Megan & Kendall: Restoration of their family, endurance and healing. Megan broke a rib on Sunday night. Both are under a great deal of stress.

8. Kim: His Guard Unit was called up again and will be heading back to Iraq in January 09.

9. Pam: Healing from a brain tumor

10. Ronnie: Healing form cancer

11. Jenn: has applied for and looks as though disability may come through by next month. She is also scheduled for more surgeries.

12. Laura & Tom: Please pray for endurance

13. Violet: Looking for a new job, unable to handle the stress of current job, please pray that God will open doors for her.

14, Our Military and Leadership: Godís blessing upon them

15 Point Man - that God will give a fresh anointing, strengthing, and encouragement to each Outpost and Homefront leader. Thank you for your dedication, sacrifice and love of the Lord.

Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise--the fruit of lips that confess his name. And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifice, God is pleased. Hebrews 13:15-16
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Old 11-21-2007, 07:44 PM
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Thanksgiving blessings to each of you, I am thankful for every one of you who have been so committed to intercede on behalf of others this past. May God richly bless you and your families this holiday.

Also to let you know that I sometimes am not able to get the requests out on Tuesdays, as I am working at my parents home 2-3 days a week, and there is no phone there. Hopefully that will be done sometime in December.

1. Ivory - a 7 yr old girl who was critically injured in a 4 wheeler accident. Her spinal cord was severed in her lower back, and they will have to wait for the swelling to subside to operate on her larnyx, thyroid and neck to determine if the spinal cord is damaged in her neck. God can heal this little girl, pray for her and for peace and comfort for her parents.

2. Sherilda - her health and welfare is at risk.

3. Kevin C - passed away this week from leukemia. Pray for his family that the Holy Spirit will provide peace & comfort that only comes from the Lord.

4. Rupert - his son-in-law is in the hospital with what the doctors think is a pancreas problem, he is also diabetic. Pray for wisdom and direction for the doctors, and peace for him. Rupert also needs prayer for his family, finances and his ministry.

5. Dave Roever is in Iraq over the holidays ministering to our troops. Pray for a special anointing to be upon him as he brings God's word to our warriors. Also pray for provision for his ministry.

6. Donald R - is going to have surgery on Dec. 4th to remove cancer from above his left eyebrow. Pray for a total healing, and peace for Donald and his family.
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Old 11-28-2007, 11:04 AM
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27 November 2007


1. A gentleman who was stationed at the Pentagon and was just transferred to Fort Knox.
He committed suicide on Veterans Day. Pray for peace and comfort for his family.

2. My prayer is for the Smith family. Their brother has colon cancer and the family is still trying to get pass the death of their mother. This year their family faired well con siding the storms that passed through their home country of Jamaica. Also, prayers go out for Sherilda as she continues to deal with her health and other issues. The Moye family is doing better. Mrs. Moye had broken both ankles and is recovering well. Thanks for your prayers!

3. Doc O'Connor -
For those of you who know me I've been with Point Man for about 17 years now and am not given to lunacy. However, God has given me this vision that has people thinking I"m a lunatic. I need your prayer support through this because it is such a daunting project that I don't think anyone believes me. It's kind of like a modern day Noah and the ark project. No, I'm not comparing myself to Noah; just the enormity of the project. However, when it comes to pass it has the potential to reach every service member in the eastern U.S. and possibly more. So far I have run up against a brick wall. Please pray for me to find favor with the Gulfstream RV Manufacturing Co. and with the Army's Chief of Chaplains Office. Then please pray that I will have the boldness, courage and finances I will need to accomplish this mission. Just remember what the book of Proverbs 11:30 says "He that winneth souls is wise." (KJV) I want to be found "wise" by my savior when I stand before Him.

4. Donna K - her mother passed away Sunday, after a very long illness. She is at home with the Lord, but the family is grieving. Donna has spent the past year caring for her mom, and is devastated. Pray for peace and strength as they face the funeral. May the Holy Spirit comfort and console.

5. Joan - her best friend passed away, and she needs the peace of God. Pray that the Holy Spirit will show her that she needs salvation and peace in her life.

6. Our wounded warriors - pray that God will give them the courage they need to face difficult days ahead of them. Pray for their families for strength, comfort and provision. May God open many doors for PMIM to reach out to these men and women and give them hope in Jesus.

7. May God give each and every person in PMIM a fresh anointing and vision of what God has for each of us. There are so many who need to hear that there is hope in Christ Jesus. We have been raised up for times such as these, do not grow weary but set your eyes upon Jesus and He will give all that we need to complete His work here on earth.

Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; as obedient children, not conforming yourselves to the former lusts, as in your ignorance; but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written "Be holy, for I am holy." 1 Peter 1:13-16
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Old 01-12-2008, 12:54 PM
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Re: Prayer Fax



From Maria - Praise Report: I got home last night around 11pm. We had an adventurous trip back home, but all in God s hands. Thank you for praying. Praise the Lord!

Well we went to court yesterday and the judge heard the case.... My wifeís mother brought up a lot about my wifeís past and also told a lot of lies..... Then the then her motherís lawyer called my wife to the standard then the judge asked my wife a lot of questions.... My wife did a great job answering the judgeís questions... Then they called me up to the stand and I answered their questions...Then the judge gave his decision....

Here was his decision: The grandparents are granted guardianship and that my wife has to pay $160.00 a month child support, go and have mental tests done... Then we have to go back to court in 6 months to see if she can get her daughter back...... So we don't have our daughter and now we have to pay my wifeís mother and step dad child support...... So please pray for my wife and me........

From Sherrie - healing for my uncle, Wayne, and salvation. My uncle is starting chemo this Friday. Please pray for him and my Aunt Teresa.

From Jameson - Prayer updates for his friend with depression and the couple who recently accepted Jesus

Update from prayer requests: For my friend who was having issues with depression; he is still going through this season, and he is learning to cope with it in Christ- he is still in need of prayer as those can are able to remember him. For my friend Chris....there are some spiritual battles going on with him and his girl friend. Please pray that they would be open and have submissive spirits to godly counsel and be free from any entanglements. God is faithful, and gracious to hear our prayers, please pray any promises you can think of from the scriptures for them.

Also please pray for a special covering over a ministry opportunity that I and some friends have been given. For boldness, empowerment, and focus on Christ and service to Him and His people.

From Mitzy - Please pray for this family who was in a horrible auto accident. Cindi Jancock's family had a horrible auto accident caused by racing cars on the road way. One of the cars hit the Jancockís vehicle and injured several of the occupants, including a 9 year old, Bailey, who is currently at ICU at TCH. Pray for the recovery of all concerned, but Bailey is minute by minute. May our great and awesome God have mercy and heal this child of her injuries.

Update from Mitzy - regarding Bailey. She is heavily sedated and has a breathing tube to assist with the breathing. She has several skull and facial fractures and received a tremendous blow to her skull. She has a fractured collar bone and sternum. She had a severe laceration just below her hairline on her forehead which took the plastic surgeon over two hours to repair. We were told that Bailey could hear what we were saying and could talk to her, but she would not respond. I spoke to her constantly and occasionally could get her to open her eye. She can only open one eye as the left eye is swollen shut and still has glass in the eyelid, which a surgeon will remove tomorrow. Please continue to pray.

Pastor Jack Ė My daughter In Law went into a 6 month drug and alcohol rehab program in another State, taking their youngest son with her. Pray for her the baby and my son, who is staying here to work.

Pastor Jack - My Grand Daughter has nausea and vomiting.

Tom - has been hospitalized with heart problems and high blood pressure, here in St. Louis, MO. at St. Anthony Hospital. Prayer for healing, peace and comfort for Tom and his family

Rhea - Rob's wife, for healing from serious kidney problems. Rob is a Marine VN vet pastor.

Dan Aguilar who had his thumb amputated due to cancer Lord please heal him place your hands on him comfort him

Please be in prayer for our little Addison. She is to be born in March/April and our 9th grand child/5th grand daughter. She had a tumor on her brain in the next to last ultra sound and the doctor just called saying that he wants Mendy to go in tomorrow for a more in detailed look. There are only 2 people who can do this type of an ultra sound and as the Lord would have it - one is available tomorrow. Update: Mendy just called and the ultra sound is done. I can't remember the medical terms but the technician said at the worst the little lady would be Down syndrome or mildly retarded/learning disabilities. It has something to do with numbers as they scan the brain.

Anyway he also said that he felt that she was just fine and that someone may not have measured something correctly during the first ultra sound. Either way - she is a keeper and will be loved and cared for. So please keep praying - whatever God has for us is just fine. He is in control. She is scheduled for another one of these ultra sounds in 6 weeks.

Please keep Scott and Janie (friends of Gloria and me) in prayer. Scott (age 55) has terminal cancer and hospice will start working with the family today. Janie (Scott's wife), and their two children are taking it pretty hard. Also keep Gloria and me in prayer as we minister to them.

Mindy M - her husband left her in August. He is in denial that his deployments have caused PTSD, and doesn't want counseling, only a divorce. Pray for Mindy for depression, and that her husband heart will be turned, that God will put his saints in their lives to minister peace and the love of Jesus to them. God can heal broken relationships; he is still in the restoration, reconciliation and resurrection business.

Dana - a current member of the military is having serious PTSD issues needs prayer.

Bryan - My older sisterís daughter died after giving birth to twins. It has been a long couple of days. Please pray for my family. My sister's name is Sherry and her husband is Sam and son John. I may be going to the east coast.

Charlotte M. - She lost her adult son to a serious infection while he was incarcerated. Please pray for comfort and peace as our Sister goes through the grieving process. Also that the rest of her family will step up and assist.

Unspoken - A veteran called discussing suicide. I talked to him for over an hour and our Lord moved as I beseeched Him. Pray for a divine touch and answers for this young man. Also lift up his wife and two children as they have been affected by the veteran's PTSD.

Clark E. - This Vietnam era Marine has been given less than 1 month to live due to cancer. He is a gentle man who has assisted many of his fellow veterans through the years. Please pray that Clark will draw closer to our Lord as He cradles him in His arms during these last days. May he receive divine comfort and hope.

From Gayle peace and comfort for Terrie and her health and the health of her unborn baby. Please pray for my daughter Terri and her husband Doug. Terri went to her doctorís appointment today and they found that the baby is in a breech position. She is going in tomorrow morning at 8:00 am for them to turn the baby into the correct position for delivery. If during this procure her water breaks or if the baby is in distress they will take her immediately in for a c section. They are going prepared with suitcase in hand for whatever may happen and I am prepared to keep Zane for however long I may need to. Zane who is 20 months old has been very clingy to his mother the last few weeks. Pray that the Lord will give little Zane peace while his mother is gone.

From Calvary Chapel the Woodlands - the menís retreat Please pray for the men of CCTW, CCWH and CC Katy. The retreat is just around the corner and we want all the men to be there. Especially those of CCTW.

From Mitzy - her mother s health. Please pray for my mother. She is having some possible heart problems and she is going to have a bunch of tests done tomorrow and next week.

From Frank - for healing from arthritis. As some of you may know, I have arthritis in my hands. It has been getting worse lately. Please pray for the Lord's healing.

From a hurting husband and father for the health of his wife and newborn baby daughter. Tricia has cystic fibrosis and in desperate need of a double transplant of lungs. She was pregnant and waiting for the birth of her daughter when her lungs stopped working forcing the doctors to take the baby at 24 weeks by cesarean. Here is the website for additional information. http://cfhusband.blogspot.com/

This is an additional request from this praying dad. I just met this couple in the NICU waiting room. They delivered via c section triplets about the same size as Gwyneth, two boys and a girl. The girl passed away a few days ago, but the boys are hanging on. The parents are in pain and mourning while trying to stay strong for their boys. Please, take the time to speak with God about this couple and their babies. It would be incredible if I could tell them that thousands of strangers are lifting them in prayer.

Pray for Peter Learn at Camp Salerno. Salerno is located in the Khowst province, near the Pakistan border. It is a forward operating base (FOB) supporting the local and national security forces in efforts to combat and suppress the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Fortunately, in the winter, offensive operations on both sides slow down due to the weather, so we have not been too busy. I believe the primary limitation at the regional hospitals is the availability of anesthesia machines and ventilators. Despite our limited resources, it still apparently exceeds their capabilities. It is a very positive aspect of our mission here to offer these resources.

And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together. Joh 4:36
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