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Disappointed I Too Had a Dream

I Too Had a Dream

I too had a dream, was not a good dream, but none the less, a dream. Mine was a dream of love, of a land that united truly under God. A land where all men are free, not because of the color of their skin, but free because of what Jesus did to set us free. Free to choose in every aspect of our lives. Free to love everyone. Free to treat all men equal, and yet free to be alone. Nothing forced. Love to be shared, to be given freely. Love for the children of the world. Free to show that love toward them all, not because of their color, but because they are children. Free to love the God who that made me, free to give him the honor which is His. Love and freedom, these are my dream.

My dream continues. It slowly turns to a dream of revenge and hate, where I and my fellow men try to end each others lives by any means possible. A killing world, of pain and hurt, where death is the norm, and love is a under developed commodity. To be used instead of given. Used as a tool to get, to lust for, after, then to crush and to destroy, leaving only the pain, only the tears, nothing. My dream. My dream is of a snail, slowly crawling along the edge of a straightrazor. This is my dream. This is my nightmare. This is my life. To be lived by those of little hope, those that have already given up, the defeated, the lost, the rejected. Alone, without the hope of a future, no dreams, nothing to look upon, or remember with any sort of joy. Only sadness, only despair .................. I'm just kidding.

written by: steve cliche ..... 1/19/04

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