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Re: Accountability: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Snowy - I'm finding most people in the church I go to don't have a clue where my wife and I are coming from. Their concerns are expressed from where they are at with God and what they have been through - good or bad, I think that's normal. My wife and I have shared our stories with some, most keep arms length from us after that. I chalk it up to, "they don't understand what we've been through, can't relate anything similar from their lives, and don't want to get involved because they don't know what to say." Sometimes they will offer trite Christain jargon hoping God will take it from there or worse, they might hammer us with portions of God's Word that support their personnal opinions about how everyone should be like them.

Thank God, our relationship with Him is personal and doesn't depend on other people. After all that I must say we attend a wounderful church - it's just filled with people who have much different experiences than ours. Fortunately, we choose who we want to be accountable to. Who do we trust? God and . . .

I find more support from our Point Man group. We're all on the same page and can read between the lines of what can't be voiced. It's a very nurtuing group and Christ is the center of all our conversations. We are from several different congregations. Jesus and what we have in common bind us together.
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