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Re: PTSD and Spirituality

My name is Dave Wright - I lived nearly all the issues raised here regarding spirituallity and the war in Vietnam. I was saved at age 11, but Jesus was not my "Lord" when I went to Vietnam at the age of 23. Through a series of curcumstances, I ended up walking point for nearly 10 months until anxiety peaked and I couldn't walk through the gate of our firebase anymore.

Back home I thought the proper thing to do was put it all behind me and pick up where I'd left off (before being drafted). I ended up denying anything about Vietnam had bothered me - if I admitted it had, then I would have to deal with it and I wasn't ready for the next 30 years to do that.

I was totally disallusioned and couldn't understand why mankind couldn't do better than Vietnam, then God told me - What do you expect? Most of humanity does not have a connection with me.

I didn't understand why I couldn't make things work out right in my life and my family. Things continually deteriorated to the point that the only thing I could think of to stop the pain of failure was to walk away from my wife and son. Then God said - Now do you want to try it My way?

With nothing left to loose, I gave up trying to do things in my own understanding and began learning to trust God in all things. That will be the quest for the rest of my life.

I have been going to a Point Man group for about two years now, and God continues to show how trustworthy He is, and that He wants to very best for me, then gives the faith to believe Him.

Thanks for your articles. God bless Dave Wright
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