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Re: Important.....please read

Questions #1- How many outposts welcome all veterans. War, Peace, Men, Women.

If they are not they may be rejecting some of those with the answers.

My heart aches everytime I read an email like the one you posted. It ticks me off that we can have all these veterans across the country and so few are willing to step up.

Question #2- Are we willing to work outside of Point Man to partner with other Non-Point Man groups to work together.

Local Veterans Service Commission
& Even civilians. Those who have never served but can help.

Local Mental Health Boards etc...

Christ has called us to be disciples and he did not mean IN the church. The church needs help to but I think MY mission is outside the church.

If your comfortable then you may not be doing everything you can to serve God. Get uncomfortable! Take Action. Don't wait for the FO's to call in for support. Call in your own fire mission and fire. Just make sure you are doing God's will and not your will.
Well said Matt, I sometimes wonder about those who stay comfortable inside the church... but I won't go there now. Our Outpost (& D.A.V. Chapter) is open by phone or personal visit 24/7 and there are may old timers with the same problems that won't come to an Outpost meeting or attend church so you have to meet them where they are comfortable. I'm a member of a church but the pastor knows that my ministry to veterans comes first, and that the congregation I've been called to work with is in the streets, homeless shelters or in the local coffee shops. Too many church's pick & choose who they want in their attendance and some of the smelly, dirty brothers who really need ministering to are left by the side of the road. I've seen several messages on muslims hating those who are not of their faith. One of my friends told me that his church "Hates" me for what I do. God is not in every church, in fact, the only time HE attends, is when a believer, and do'er carries HIM through the door. You will find HIM on the streets though.
Keep on keeping on.
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