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Re: The spouses God gave us..

Great thread!!! I am thankful that I was single when I was in the Army. (That way I had a couple of young ladies writing to me :-) The military and veteran spouses and families certainly are an underserved population. As terrible as it is for the warrior who goes off to war and comes back a different person, I think it must be worse for those who love him or her. At least we know what dented our brains. For the secondary casualties they often blame themselves for not being able to understand or endure the changed returnee.

God brought Kathi and I together through the pastor of the church in which we grew up. We didn't know each other then, and met via letters while I was attending Northwest Christian College (NCC) and Kathi was considering attending the next year. What great letters!

Our first date really wasn't a date. We met while I was home for summer vacation in 1972. The Pastor, another NCC student and I went over to her little house after church, sort of to talk up NCC. While I was there I noticed her lawn was all overgrown and she said something about the landlord being away. On my next day off I drove over with my Dad's old push mower and mowed her lawn, figuring she was at work. She caught me when she came home for lunch and I gave her a ride 3 blocks back to her office.

Although she didn't experience me in the military, she has certainly seen the worst of me since! God has richly blessed us and she is my closest friend and primary therapist. That summer of 1972 we decided it would be stupid for her to live in the dorm while I lived "off post" in an apartment, so we married that September. We firmly believed we were the ones God chose for each other, and still do.

I hope many spouses will visit here and find help and blessings.

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