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Re: The spouses God gave us..

Thanks for the positive feedback. I guess I figured that since either PTSD, life in the military, or life in general tends to affect our relationships, it may be a good idea to focus on them. Not that I'm saying we all don't already. I know I need this stuff too. BTW, How old are your kids Shawn?
You and your sweetie have been married for 22 years huh!? wow that is Awesome.. you guys need to pat yourselves on the back.
Marc and I have only been married 9 years, but it feels like we've been married longer.. I think the military had something to do with that.
BTW! Does your wife take part in the site at all?
Need to scoot for now!
As my sweetie's quote says,"I'm happy and I know it...
Clap Clap!"

Over and abundantly blessed in Christ!
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