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Re: La Mesa California

Dear Caring People:

Sorry for the several months without any e-mail reminders. My Windows 2000 computer died suddenly. I have tried to reconstruct your e-mail addresses from scraps. If you get this, please confirm so I can make sure to keep you updated. The food this month has been arranged for by Richard Roy, Esq., and my wife and Help Mate, Kathi. The theme is Americana with barbecued beef and chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, brownies and sodas. A live folk singing group, The Friendship Connection, is volunteering to sing. We set up so our guests can eat at 1700 hours (that's 5:00 P.M.).

We are still on the THIRD TUESDAYS each month, so here are the dates:

*** April 21, 2009 - Liberty Center
*** May 19, 2009 - to be determined (maybe Mexican)
*** June 16, 2009 - to be determined (if warm, maybe the ball field gazebo??)

The "THANK YOU FOR SERVING" dinners are to bring some civilian chow, salads, sodas and deserts to show our appreciation to the young men and women who are assigned to the Medical Hold Platoons, recovering from serious illness or injuries. Most are combat casualties from the Marine
Corps, Navy and Army, with a few Coast Guard and U.S.A.F. now and then.

LIBERTY CENTER DIRECTIONS: enter the hospital from Florida Street, SHOWING THE GATE GUARDS A PHOTO ID. Proceed straight ahead through one Stop sign and turn LEFT at the second Stop sign (you can't go any further west because of the back of Building 26, with signs like
"Security" and "Parking Permits Office.") Proceed up the hill to the 3rd Stop sign and then turn RIGHT LOOKING FOR THE PARKING GARAGE ENTRANCE ON YOUR LEFT. You are now
across the street from the Building 26 entrance. Enter the lobby, take an elevator down to basement B-1, exit the elevator and go to your LEFT (port bow :-) until you see the double glass doors for the LIBERTY CENTER.

We gather around 1645 hours (that's 4:45 PM) and try to be set up to serve dinner by 1700 hours (5:00 PM.) Our goal is to express our thanks for their service and sacrifice, encourage them, show our interest in their wellbeing, without being overbearing or "pushing" any religious connotations on them.
We are a Christ-centered ministry, meaning that we serve all persons; reflecting God's agape-love through service and kindness. The attendees are our guests, and PMIM is there as guests of the Armed Services YMCA.

These dinners are made possible by thoughtful contributions and donations. Point Man International Ministries (PMIM), La Mesa is a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational and religious organization.



Point Man International Ministries, La Mesa Don Dodson, Outpost Leader
(Vietnam 1969-1970)


Message & FAX: (619) 698-4055
Don Cell: (619) 843-6254

Serving all veterans and active duty, all eras, all branches and all beliefs.
Galatians 6:2: Share each other's troubles and problems, and in this way obey the law of Christ. (NLT)

**** Learn more at: (SUPER NEW WEBSITE!! Take a look.)
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