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Last summer I learned of a program to send anti-microbial socks to Iraq. It
is a credible program and is actually working. The attached description and
contact information is designed to be shared with like minded people who
look past the pro's and con's and management of the war. Millions of
Americans want to do something helpful for the young men and women who are
honoring their oath to protect and serve the United States. THEY don't get
a chance to debate strategy, make decisions based on popularity polls,
decide what to do based on costs in dollars and lives, etc. THEY salute and
"move out."

You may laugh at a program to send privately procured civilian
anti-microbial socks to Iraq. EVERYTHING our armed service members get is
low bid and minimally spec'd. If you have ever been in the same pair of
socks for days and days in HOT climate ... well, I'll let your olfactory
imagination take you the rest of the journey! The reports back also report
these are good wearing socks from a general comfort stand-point also. I
have met both CMDR (Chaplain) Newman and Celia Landis Winters and trust
their integrity. Both are active in the interdenominational Para-Chapel
Ministries at Camp Pendleton, and their contact information if you want to
"check them out" is attached.

As you can read, the minimum order is 5 dozen socks at $15 a dozen ($75.00)
sent directly to the sock maker. Some of us are blessed enough to be able
to send $75.00. However, think of how potent this would be if every group
of people like book clubs, youth groups, men's and women's fellowship
groups, Sabbath and Sunday school groups, veterans organizations, etc. made
this a project to send several hundred dozen socks to Iraq in time for the
"spring thaw" (ha, ha). We are going to try it at our church. Please
consider being the "squad leader" within your circle of influence and see
what happens. Thanks!


Point Man International Ministries, La Mesa
Don Dodson, Outpost Leader
(Vietnam 1969-1970)

Message & FAX: (619) 698-4055

Serving all veterans and active duty, all eras, all branches.
Galatians 6:2: Share each other's troubles and problems, and in this way
obey the law of Christ. (NLT)
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