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Re: La Mesa California

The La Mesa Outpost of Point Man International Ministries (PMIM) is again
coordinating a "THANK YOU FOR SERVING" Pizza Feed at the Navy Medical Center
San Diego (aka Balboa Hospital). The intent is to bring in some civilian
chow (Costco pizza, salads, sodas and deserts) and show our appreciation to
the young men and women who are assigned to the Medical Hold Platoon
recovering from serious illness or injuries. Most are Marine Corp combat
casualties, and their Navy Corpsmen (or Corp-persons??? aka Medics to us old
Army guys).

* May 22, 2007 serving at 1700 hours (that's 5:00 PM), Building 26, Floor
1B [first basement], Liberty Center

DIRECTIONS: enter the hospital from Florida Street, SHOWING THE GATE GUARDS
A PHOTO ID. Proceed straight ahead through one Stop sign and turn LEFT at
the second Stop sign (you can't go any further because of the back of
Building 26, with signs like "Security" and "Parking Permits Office."
Proceed up the hill to the 3rd Stop sign and then turn RIGHT. Building 26
is now on your right and a parking structure is on your left. Turn LEFT
into the parking structure and park. Enter Building 26 at the doors next to
the Chinese take-out window and enter an elevator straight ahead in the
lobby. GO DOWN to Floor "1B" which is the first basement. Exit the
elevator and turn LEFT and proceed to the LIBERTY CENTER (which a BIG
recreation area).

We gather around 1645 hours (that's 4:45 PM) and try to be set up to serve
dinner by 1700 hours (5:00 PM.) Our goal is to express our thanks for their
service and sacrifice, encourage them, show our interest in their well
being, without being overbearing or "pushing" any religious connotations on
them. They are our guests, and Point Man is there as guests of the Armed
Services YMCA.

Pizza Feeds are made possible by thoughtful contributions and donations. So
far in 2007 this includes: J. Gunnar Schalin (USA Ret.), Rita & John
Folsom, Dick (CHP Ret.) & Donna Lane, Don & Barbi Halte, Frank (USMC) &
Virginia Pedersen, Dennis Kimbell (USMC Ret.), Bill (USAF) & Nancy Werber,
Don (USA) & Kathi Dodson and others.

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