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Chapmick, good info, I believe this will take a loong time for me to digest. Here's my take-Vietnam wasn't our native country "We went back to the World" but for the Vietnamese who were stuck in that place and time with no way out of it-what then-I've had to deal with Disassociation within my family members for more than twenty years, I'm tired, worn out, numb and resultant factors I live with and other individuals (BG's) could try something at anytime, it's a fact I live with every day for the rest of my life here, my Spiritual Vietnam will end when I pass on and not until then. I have upset too many people for my stand for Christ and for my marriage. I have ROCKED many, many boats. And I'm staying the course because I know who and what is at stake.
James 1 gets into this but counting as Joy is hard at the moment. Didn't say it was easy though!
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