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PTSD Challenge - You are not alone!

My Fellow Veterans,
I am a returning Special Operations veteran from Desert Storm, Desert Fox, Operation Deny Flight, Noble Eagle, and Iraqi Freedom II and III. I am experiencing some PTSD challenges in my life. I am a faithful and devoted Latter-Day-Saint prior to and since my service.
Please do not believe that because you are a believer that you will not nor should not experience the challenges that come from the brutal realities that we have experienced. Most who respond as such have never experienced what you have and are not qualified to diagnose your concerns in any manner.
I am currently lucky enough that I have a VA clinic that offers psychiatric assistance which I aggressively pursued after reading an article about a Marine Corporal that I served with who came home and turned to alcohol and drugs and ultimately took his life in a hotel room. I decided then and there that I would do all I can to see that no other veteran will feel that alone and lost if I can help them.
You have given a great part of your life to see that everyone around us has the freedom and liberty that we have experienced. The difference is you unselfishly served where most would not. Remember that you are not alone, there are many of us and we can help one another if we are willing to reach out. Once again, we need to depend on one another to get each others back in this attack as well as when we were in the field.
God bless and take care of you and yours.


Daniel Daugherty, retired veteran
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