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Re: Losing the Battle- Help

God said King David was a man after his own heart and he was a pretty bad actor sometimes....and God forgave him each and every time but he never gave him a pass.
In the spiritual battle the devil will use every means possible to get you to blame God for whatever problems confront you. Remember Christians often shoot their wounded and I suppose you are no exception. Most of my friends and aquaintances have some level of PTSD and you know what? GOD is still in control. I continue to rely on Him, and He puts people in my path to hang with (fellowship) that actually listen.

Look around. Most people have no clue about being a warrior or what motivates anyone to run towards the gunfire instead of away. or why we would VOLUNTEER to do what is right.

Here is what you can do right now. Quietly......go sit somewhere and listen. Even if you don't hear anything right now...GOD is speaking to you. PRAY.

If you have skype you can call me on your computer. dana j. morgan or e-mail me at I can send you some stuff to read that will be helpful to you.

So you know, AJ is my real brother. we have another site at too that has helpful info also.

don't be shy about coming on here. there are a lot of good folks just trying to make another day and give someone a hand.
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