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Re: Promises made.

Where to start??
What has been a profoundly sad three weeks just never seemed like it would ever end.

I'll start here, some time ago, a new family moved in across the street. Nice folks, two young kids. Just nice people.

As the years went by and the kids grew up, the years of football in the street, hockey, school, college, summer jobs and Military service, both kids grew to be responsible young men and productive citizens. The kind of young people every parent dreams their kids will turn out to be.
Looking forward to the future and embracing life.......

That all came to an end November 20, 2004 when the youngest child, David, was killed during an ambush and subsequent fire fight in Baghdad, Iraq.

Our worst fears became reality that morning as the Army notified the family. No details were availabe at the time.
And thus began the wait......
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