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Mission Statement

Mission Statement of Pointman Ministries

Point Man International is considered a service organization with an evangelistic purpose. It provides information to the public, but keeps Jesus Christ as the focal point. Point Man acts as a referral service to connect hurting soldiers, veterans, wives and other family members to our Outpost and Homefront system for continued support and fellowship. These support groups are available at no charge, and utilize the gospel of Jesus Christ and Biblical principles to facilitate healing and restoration.

Point Man participates in national conferences and international publishing, radio, television and other media forms to help educate and raise awareness of the needs of veterans around the world. We provide evangelistic materials, leadership training seminars, restoration conferences, and support outreaches to act as missionaries to a target group (active duty soldiers, veterans and their families).

Point Man is an interdenominational mission-oriented ministry. We embrace any Christian denomination that agrees with the basic evangelical Statement of Faith that is established by Corporate Board of Directors of the ministry.

Mission Statement of pmimchat

Point Man Chat is a non-profit web site offering a place for vets (past, present and future) and their families to share thoughts, feelings and concerns with fellow veterans and their families in a Christian Centered atmosphere. Thier are many links for additional information on many subjects. If you would rather meet with someone from Pointman Ministries, please follow this link to Pointman Ministries

God Bless ~~ Pointman Chat Team