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Healing the Past

Healing, forgiving, sharing are all verbs, not just concepts. "Wherever there are two gathered in my name..." is important here, as these attributes are pretty tough to put in motion in a solitary fashion. The very reason for Pointman Ministries. Much of the forgiveness that has visited me over the years has been as much a need to forgive a repressed nation as much as any individual. I too was spat upon; in Chicago in 1969. Yet that was the least of the attitudinal muck we had to deal with. One may recall that we were not permitted to join VFW's for an indefinite period of time, as we were not veterans of a declared war. Curiously, no one since is either! We last declared war in June of 1941. Yet the collective healing and forgiving marches on with the lessons of Vietnam raining on us to this day. We are still trying to win the hearts and minds of villagers!
Forgiveness is dynamic and evoles over time. It is not an innoculation that just downloads upon request. Yet once the fruits of the spirit of forgiveness rule the day, then the peace that surpasses all understanding comes to visit. Forgiveness is the key to the Kingdom! Thanks Larry for your thoughtful narrative.
Michael Patrick "Mic" Brewer
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