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Shawn - I've been there, we've all been there time after time. I'm pretty bone headed and it's taking a lot longer than I think it should for a resolution of my anger problems. Was at a prayer breakfast this morning and the speaker said God is not in a hurry. He's not worried that the right things won't get done.

My desire to find out who the new creation He made in me is growing stronger. Because of that I am sheding more of my understanding, which includes discounting my wife's viewpoint because she hasn't been where I have.

Well, I haven't been where she has either. She has given up everything for me, all her hopes and dreams of a "normal" life - not that a normal life is achievable, but she sacrificed that dream by staying with me. Her whole life has been spent trying to fix me, not upset me, not getting answers to her questions, not being able to share a life with me. When is it her turn?

All I can say is God doesn't waste anything, He will use it all for our good because we love Him (we love true justice, we love what's right, we love to see healing, we love to have someone to trust who will not let us down, we love to know that someone really understands and accepts us the way we are, we love the fact that good does overcome evil, we love the fact that He is changing us even though we kick and scream all the way,...).

I've appologized so many times where my wife has seen no change that I have no credibility left with her. As hard as I try, I can't change her mind. She has resigned herself to the fact that I am not, nor will be perfect in this life time. One thing did give her hope recently; we cleaned out a section of the garage together without exchanging one angry word. That was God and she knew it. She had dreaded doing that for years because of the way I treated her. I've got a lifetime to go, but it's becoming easier to trust the one who knows the beginning from the end and everything in between - and for us it's good!
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