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LT Blackheart
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Hang in there

You testimony breaks my heart. I think it is important to remember that the Evil One also works within the church. The reaction of the minister and your wife certainly does not represent scripture in both the Old and New testaments.

Your path to recovery and sanity is through Christ and performing the works that Christ asked us to do. I went for 26 years without counseling for my PTSD, and finally agreed to it along with a divorce after 26 years. Things went much better for the next 12 years, but I did not find any symbolance of peace until a started at the Pointman Outpost meetings 3 years ago. I have been carefully reading and studying the Word. I find that you need to read the entire Bible rather than relying on pieces of scripture. Once I completed my conversation with the Lord, he struck me with my first "flashback" 39 years after leaving combat. I am working mentoring young veterans to readjust economically and spiritually, and I think the Lord stuck me with the flashback so I can better. relate.

The bottom line is the Lord is in constant war with Satan over our souls. We need to be aware when Satan uses wives and ministers as unwitting 5th column adversaries.

God Bless You
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