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Re: Losing the Battle- Help

The last few months I have been working with a non-Veteran and her son. Her son was at point of no return and is now cleaning his mind and body of the demons that had taken him to the point of going over the edge, felt no one trusted or believed in him, he now knows that God is thier, giving him the strength to regain self strenghts. She has begun to believe in herself and has renewed her faith in God. One of the points that I made to her is that even though we fall under the laws of whatever country that we may be in, the final judgement will made by God.

One thing that I have found with working this site for 5+ years is that you can be a Christian with PTSD. It is those who have not taken time to understand it are the ones passing judgement against us that do.

Final thought, rant whenever you want, it may take a day or 2 but someone will answer.

God Bless
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