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danausmc 03-08-2008 04:58 PM

Point man by Mike Harris
Hello All,

Something caused me to look this poem up this morning. I wrote it around the time I start the Outpost here in Coos Bay, Oregon. Feel free to share it:




Walkin Point was a risky place.

Sixteen on auto, ready to fire.

Might see Charlie, face to face.

Always watchin, whereís that wire?

Skin whether black, brown or white.

Donít mean nuthin, in no manís land.

The long green line, followed til night.

Dependin on you, to deal their hand.

Point Man, Point Man, where are you?

Iíve been lost, these last few years.

Broken and bitter, depressed and blue.

Itís even come, to shedding some tears.

Whoís this Jesus, up on the trail?

I want to follow, it seems a must!

Upon the cross, He did travail?

He walked Point, so I could trust?

Oh Glory Be! I'm beginning to see.

Iím made alive, His oil can anoint.

Itís hard to believe, He has chosen me!

Now Heís asking me, to walk the Point.

Come along Brothers, thereís healing and peace.

Many, many years, you've had to cope.

Your rucksacks are heavy, you need to release.

Give Him your burdens, He is your hope!

Letís march together, down a different road.

Weíre on the Point, only by His Grace.

Just ask Him in, Heíll carry your load.

Giving you strength, to start a new race.

Michael A. Harris - 1989



Only By HIS Mighty Grace,


08-09-2008 10:40 PM

Re: Point man by Mike Harris
Thanks for the poem, I'm trying to get an outpost started here in portland, need help. The Lord has put this mission on my heart and I will persevere. Blessings. If you get this and respond please send me an email to aatr_01@yahoo.com. Thanks again

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