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ajusmc 01-01-2019 06:26 AM

Prayers 2019
Prayer for the New Year

Oh Thou, who art ever the same,
grant us so to pass through the coming year with faithful hearts,
that we may be able in all things to please Thy loving eyes.

Mozarabic, 700 A.D.

ajusmc 01-02-2019 06:02 AM

Lead Me to Peace

Lead me from death to life,
from falsehood to truth.
Lead me from despair to hope,
from fear to trust.
Lead me from hate to love,
from war to peace.
Let peace fill my heart,
my world, my universe.

ajusmc 01-03-2019 06:36 AM

The Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us.

Lord Jesus, we are mindful of your presence in our lives and in our world.
We pray that we will always come to you when we are in need of your guidance and inspiration,
especially in those moments when we need to make an important decision.
May you give us the grace to be open to hear your words during these times.

ajusmc 01-04-2019 06:28 AM

In the past God spoke to our fathers through the prophets; now He speaks to us through His Son. (Heb 1)

Lord God, open our ears to hear the Words of your Son,
touch our lips to proclaim your presence in our lives and in our world and heal our broken hearts so that we may love our neighbors.
As we begin this new year, may we be living examples of your Son's actions on earth
and be peacemakers in situations that we find ourselves living in at this time.

ajusmc 01-05-2019 07:40 AM

We have seen his star at its rising and have come to do him homage.
(Mt 2)

God our creator, as the star revealed the way for the Wisemen to know where your Son was born,
may you illuminate our path so that we may follow your Son in our faith journey.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

ajusmc 01-06-2019 06:41 AM

My Heavenly Father, I thank You, through Jesus Christ, Your beloved Son,
that You kept me safe from all evil and danger last night.
Save me, I pray, today as well, from every evil and sin,
so that all I do and the way that I live will please you.
I put myself in your care, body and soul and all that I have.
Let Your holy Angels be with me, so that the evil enemy will not gain power over me.

Martin Luther

ajusmc 01-07-2019 06:17 AM

A holy day has dawned upon us. Come, you nations, and adore the Lord. Today a great light has come upon the earth.

Lord Jesus, there are times that we live in darkness.
During these times, we ask that you lead us through these dark moments into the light of your presence.
May we never feel ashamed to ask you to help us out of the darkness and into the radiant joy of your light.

ajusmc 01-08-2019 06:29 AM

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord;
the Lord God shines upon us.
(Ps. 117)

God our creator, your Son came to this earth to be like us in all things but sin.
He gave witness to your presence and spoke of your love for each one of us.
Help us to become more like Him as we grow closer to you.

ajusmc 01-09-2019 06:33 AM

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;
on those who lived in the shadow of death a light has shone.
(Is 9:2)

God, light of all nations, we come before you asking for you to give us the light of life.
As we receive this gift from you, may we be able to dispel the darkness that sometimes surrounds us
and shed the brightness of your presence in our world.

ajusmc 01-10-2019 06:20 AM

The heavens were opened and the voice of the Father thundered:
This is my beloved Son, listen to him.
(Mt. 3)

Almighty, eternal God, we celebrate the baptism of your Son.
We are reminded of our own baptism and how we became your followers.
However, there are times when we fail in our commitment to follow you.
During these dark moments of struggle help us to ask for your forgiveness.

ajusmc 01-11-2019 06:45 AM

The Lord takes delight in his people.
(Ps. 149)

God our Father, we are always yearning to become more like you.
However, there are times when we fail to reflect your love and presence in our lives and with those whom we encounter each day.
Help us to look to you for guidance in times of struggle and not be fearful to ask for your forgiveness.

ajusmc 01-12-2019 06:43 AM

The Lord has sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor and to proclaim liberty to captives.
(Lk. 4)

Lord, giver of all that is good.
Help us to be ever mindful of those who are deprived of the simple necessities of life.
May we be able to offer them food, housing, clothing and to reveal your loving and caring presence to them.

ajusmc 01-13-2019 06:54 AM

Jesus proclaimed the Gospel of the Kingdom and cured every disease among the people.
(Lk. 5)

Lord Jesus, we hear in the gospel about the man who was cured of leprosy.
We pray for all who are suffering from a disease that inhibits them from being accepted into our society.
May they know of your love for them and may we assist them in their pain and unacceptance.

ajusmc 01-14-2019 06:56 AM

The Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the Gospel.
(Mk. 1)

Father of love, we desire so much to live in your love.
Yet, there are times when we get caught up in the evil that surrounds us
and leads us down a path that brings us further away from your love.
Help us to learn to rely on your love and to turn away from our sinful ways.

ajusmc 01-15-2019 06:41 AM

Lord, you are the source of life,
and in the light of your glory we find happiness.
(Ps. 35)

All-powerful God, we want so much to hear your words and to follow in your footsteps.
We believe that you are the source of life and love.
However, our own human nature gets in the way and we find ourselves living with jealousy and envy.
When these times come into our lives help us to live in humility
and turn towards you for your grace of forgiveness.

ajusmc 01-17-2019 06:38 AM

A great prophet has risen in our midst and God has visited his people.

Lord our God, we hear in the scriptures about the paralytic who wanted to see you. You healed him by forgiving his sins.
May we have friends who, like the paralytic, will assist us in seeing you and bringing forgiveness into our lives.
Sometimes we cannot approach you alone and need the help of those around us.
May we never allow our pride to get in the way of having friends bring us to you.

ajusmc 01-18-2019 06:44 AM

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth
(Pro 27.1)

Look to this day!
For it is life, the very life of life.
In its brief course
Lie all the verities and realities of your existence:
The bliss of growth;
The glory of action;
The splendor of achievement;
For yesterday is but a dream,
And tomorrow is only a vision;
But today, well lived, makes every yesterday
a dream of happiness,
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

ajusmc 01-19-2019 07:04 AM

Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will.
(Ps. 40)

Lord Jesus, we come before you in prayer to ask for your guidance.
We desire so much to do your will but there are times when we fail to follow your words and commandments.
In these times of darkness, may we always believe we can turn to you for forgiveness.

ajusmc 01-20-2019 07:04 AM

To the upright I will show the saving power of God.
(Ps. 50)

God our Father, we give you thanks for the gift of your Son.
He turned darkness into light and showed us the way to you.
May we always remain faithful in giving thanks to you for the graces given to us.

ajusmc 01-21-2019 02:14 AM

Give peace, Lord, to those who wait for you; listen to the prayers of your servants, and guide us in the way of justice.
(Sir. 36:18-19)

Lord Jesus, you have shown us the way to peace.
Help us to take time each day to come before you with our concerns, worries and fears.
Help us to never be afraid to voice what we carry deep within our hearts.
Guide us in the ways of peace and justice.

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