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danausmc 04-12-2008 07:57 AM

Dave Dewitt Memorial-Coos Bay OR
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April 11, 2008
The Coos Bay Outpost 101 has been working on a wayside memorial for Dave Dewitt for some time and has finally saw results...here is some photos and text from Mike Harris.

Hello Everyone,

Today was another special day for us in regards to the David Dewett Veterans Memorial Wayside. The forms were completed yesterday and the first pour was scheduled for 10 AM today:

Just when we think that our cup has runneth over with miracles...then God brings another one. The crew showed up and two concrete trucks arrived:

Before the "mud" began flowing a local man and his grandfather were passing by the site. They saw the concrete trucks and pulled in with their concrete pump in tow. The young man asked if the crew needed a pumper. The foreman said something like, "Is it free? This is a veteran's memorial." The man responded with a quick, "Yes"...!

The pumper saved the day as there were 41 cubic yards to get into the forms with a 4 man crew. It would have been very difficult using the chute from the truck. The young man lugged the concrete hose around for the entire pour while his grandfather assisted him. It was truly blessing as our temperature was pushing 70 degrees and the concrete was drying quickly. We thanked them profusely and they departed as quickly as they arrived.

This site and memorial is truly blessed by God...

Only By HIS Grace,

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