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Chuck 06-02-2016 10:37 AM

The Forum is being upgraded again
A note of importance. We are always trying to improve out service to our Military Family:

This weekend we will be transferring all of the web pages on my server to a on line backup server. Then I will turn my server off once I know all the links are good.

This means that sometime this weekend we will be off line for a few hours so we can do a current backup and redirect our DNS services for all the web pages.

For those of you that have web pages on my server it will cost you nothing for the temporary server. My company will be paying for everything.

Once we have the new server up and running we will then decide if we will stay there or if I will buy another new server and move the web pages once again to the new server.

If I stay on the new temporary server (It is with a special program Amazon has) It will give us a lot higher speed, better security, and a little more disk space then what I currently have.

When I compute what I have been paying for the server it will be a lot cheaper. It adds up when you pay for the updates in operating systems, and the extra high speed internet service required to run a server. It will be about 65% to 70% cheaper then what I am paying now and I would also no longer have to worry about out connection going down.

Chuck 06-05-2016 03:30 PM

This web forum is now moved to our new server. Enjoy.

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